10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming A Mother

The moment you break the news of being pregnant, free advice starts flowing from all directions, even from the people who haven’t given birth before! A lot of times you only get to hear the good things and that classic phrase –“life changes after a baby”

But there is so much more I wish I had known before I held my baby for the first time. When I found out I was pregnant (after I got over the initial excitement) I started reading, researching, investigating and preparing myself for every possibility that I could fathom. I realized there is so much that I did not know about being pregnant, giving birth, babies and being a mother.

This is my small attempt at putting together the ten things that I wish I knew before becoming a mother.

 1. Work Those Arms:

While I was pregnant, I did my usual stretches and walks so that I could have a normal delivery. What I wasn’t entirely prepared for was the weight of the baby, I would be holding almost 24×7. Of course, you will develop those mommy biceps soon enough, but I wish I had worked on my arms a bit to make them stronger. Work on your back too, while you are at it!

 2. Feed, Feed, Feed:

Your little one is going to be hungry most of the times (let’s say- all the time). You would have just nursed & burped your baby for the umpteenth time, put him down to go shower and next thing you know it’s time to feed him again! Don’t get crazy or lock yourself in your bedroom while breastfeeding. Keep books/mobile/tablet handy to read, browse or connect. Go sit out on the couch or comfortable chair in the living room if there is privacy. This will keep you sane, entertained and happy. Also, your baby will be comfortable feeding in different positions. My advice would be to feed from both sides every time. Trust me, you will feel lighter.


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