100 Baby Names That Mean Warrior, Protector, Survivor, Or Fighter

Baby Boy Names That Mean Warrior:

    1. Adofo: This beautiful Ghanian word comes from the African culture and has a strong streak to it.
    2. Ajax: This greek name meaning warrior sounds very unique yet modern.
    3. Albern: While it has a very classic feel to it, the English name means a noble warrior.
    4. Alois: The name Alois refers to a famous warrior in the German culture.
    5. Aloysius: A lengthier version of the name Alois, this beautiful German name is at once exotic and powerful.
    6. Alemana: The very lyrical name comes from the Hawaii culture.
    7. Anakin: Coming from the American culture, it sounds like a modern day warrior name.
    8. Andro: The short and sweet name is from Croatia.
    9. Andrus: The exotic sounding name is Estonia’s version of the word warrior.
    10. Ansgar: Here is a name from Ireland that is at once lyrical as well as very different.
    11. Batair: The name sounds at once lyrical and so exotic. It comes from Scotland and means a strong warrior.
    12. Duncan: You may have heard this Gaelic name already, as it is quite a popular one and refers to a dark warrior with brown hair.
    13. Dreng: Doesn’t this English name sound like it is taken from a mythological warrior story?
    14. Einar: The short and strong name from Norway means the lone warrior.
    15. Eloy: In Spain, it means the one who is a renowned warrior.
    16. Elvy: The very short and cute name has an even cuter meaning. It means an elf warrior in English.
    17. Ewan: The name that sounds so modern and strong comes from Ireland and means a young warrior.
    18. Finian: The Irish name actually means a handsome warrior.
    19. Gerald: While it is a very modern name, this German name also means a warrior who fights with a spear.
    20. Griffith: The name sounds as if it just came out of a classic war tale. Coming from the Welsh culture, it means the chief warrior.
    21. Helushka: The American name sounds extremely exotic and mythological.
    22. Igor: The Scandinavian name means a heroic warrior.
    23. Kaiden: The name is very lyrical to pronounce and comes from Ireland.
    24. Magnar: The Nordic name refers to an especially strong and fierce warrior.
    25. Wyatt: This warrior boy name is an Anglo-Saxon one that has been around for ages and is equally popular in modern times.
    26. Cedric: A short and sweet Welsh name that means the warrior leader.
    27. Khalon: The American name means a strong warrior.
    28. Kimble: While this name sounds like a classic English one, it means the chief of the warriors.
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