12 Baby Names That Will Lose Their Charm In 10 Years (12 That Will Sound Even Better)

Some baby names never seem to lose their charm or go out of style while others seem more like temporary fads that are easily forgotten; they have rarely found their way back up the charts over time. There is no real way to predict the success of a specific name because anything can change, but looking at past trends can help better determine which names may be keepers and which names are on their way out.

Ten years is a long time, and so much can happen within a decade. There are some baby names that sound great today but could be a thing of the past by tomorrow. Names such as Luna and Greyson have some real potential to sound even better over the course of a decade. But names such as Bentley and Destiny may have already seen better days.

Depending on what kind of name a mom is looking for when choosing a name for her little one, she may want to go with a name that still has some brighter days ahead of it. Check out the rest of this article to find out what names will be around and sound even better ten years from now, and which ones will lose their charm!

24 Will Lose Its Charm: Nevaeh


Nevaeh is a heavenly name for a little girl and, as it happens, it is “heaven” spelled backward. This name had a quick rise over recent years, but it is since started to plummet back down. I personally have known three women who have chosen this name for their little girl. At its peak of popularity in 2007, Nevaeh had over 6,800 babies born with this first name and by 2017, there were only about 3,500 babies born in a single year with this name. It’s safe to say that while this name is beautiful, it is rapidly starting to lose its charm.

23 Will Sound Even Better: Greyson


Greyson is such a lovely name that any little boy would cherish as he grows up. Another way this name could be spelled would be Grayson – either spelling variation is adorable! Greyson has the simple meaning of “gray-haired son of the Gray family,” according to SheKnows.com. It may not be the most attractive meaning, but don’t let that take away from the true beauty of this name. Greyson comes in at number 39 on the Modern Boy Names list, according to Names.org. This is also a name that has been on the rise within the last few years and has no signs of losing its charm anytime soon!

22 Will Lose Its Charm: Asher


Asher is a wonderful name for little boys that means “happiness,” and happiness is something that every parent wants for their child regardless of their age. According to, Names.org, this boys name has been on the rise, but that still doesn’t necessarily mean that it won’t lose its charm in 10 years. A decade really is a long time. As of right now, Asher is at number 28 on the Modern Boy Names list, according to Names.org. In 2017, in the US alone, there were almost 6,000 babies who were all born with this first name.

21 Will Sound Even Better: Sage


Sage is a poetic name that will fit any woman as she grows into it. This beautiful herbal name is perfect to stay tuned with nature and Mother Earth and “Sage,” according to Nameberry.com, means wise. And who wouldn’t want their daughter to be wise? The true beauty of this name will make parents feel connected to their daughter and to life. Sage is on the rise in the U.S. too, with over 1,040 kids named Sage in 2017. This name will be a sure pick for any parents who have a daughter and who happen to love nature.

20 Will Lose Its Charm: Madison


Madison was a once very popular girls’ name. According to Babycenter.com, Madison is from the medieval for girls’ name Madde, which is “short for Madeline or Maud.” At its height in popularity back in 2001, there were 22,166 babies who all shared the same first name in that single year alone in just the US, according to Names.org. Madison has already begun to lose its charm and in 2017, the numbers dropped and there were only a little over 7,800 babies who shared the same first name.

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