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130 Ethnic And Popular Peruvian Baby Names For Girls And Boys

Peruvian Boy Names With Meanings:

1. Aaron:

Aaron, a favorite name of the Jews, began to take hold in Peru after the Protestant Reformation. This classic Biblical name means ‘mountain of strength’.

2. Albert:

Albert may sound old fashioned to American and European parents, but Peruvians find it incredibly cool. Albert means ‘bright’.

3. Alejandro:

Don’t you think Alejandro sounds smoother and sleeker than Alexander? This Spanish classic name means ‘defender of mankind’.

4. Alex:

As a standalone name, Alex has been bestowed on Peruvian babies for over a century. Alex means ‘defender of mankind’.

5. Alexander:

The multiple derivations and nicknames of Alexander has enhanced its popularity in Peru. Alexander means ‘defender of mankind’.

6. Alois:

Alois, as a name, has both classical charm and cosmopolitan coolness to it. Alois means ‘famous warrior’.

7. Anderson:

Anderson, meaning ‘son of Andrews’, has a sense of dignity, tradition, and old school history to it.

8. Andre:

As a baby boy name, Andre has sophistication, style, and oozes confidence. Andre means ‘man, warrior’.

9. Angel:

Peruvians follow the Spanish custom of using the name Angel for boys. The moniker means ‘messenger of God’.

10. Annie:

Surprisingly, Annie is used for baby boys in Peru and holds the 41st spot on the Peru baby name list. It means ‘grace’.

11. Anthony:

Even after decades of usage, Anthony does not feel overused or worn out. In fact, it enjoys success with almost all the ethnicities. Anthony means ‘flower’.

12. Brayan:

Just a minor tweak in the traditional spelling can take a moniker to an entirely new level. Brayan means ‘strong and virtuous’.

13. Bruno:

Bruno, meaning ‘brown’, deserves the gold medal for the tough guy name. It brings to mind a brawny and masculine man.

14. Bryant:

Bryant is Brian with a little more attitude. The moniker means ‘noble’.

15. Carlos:

Carlos, meaning ‘free man’, is a charming, boyish name, which has a huge chance of crossing over and gaining widespread success.

16. Christian:

Christian is an excellent choice for parents who want to declare their faith in a straightforward way. Christian means ‘follower of Christ’.

17. Cisco:

Cisco, the diminutive of Spanish name Francisco, is the ultimate sidekick name. It means ‘free man’.

18. Colbert:

Colbert is one of the most contemporary sounding last name as first name options. It means ‘calf herder’.

19. Cristopher:

While in the rest of the world, Christopher is popular, in Peru Cristopher reins. Cristopher means ‘follower of the Christ’.

20. Daniel:

The timelessness of this name has played a crucial part in its popularity in Peru. Daniel means ‘God is my judge’.

21. Danny:

Danny sounds more grown up than most abbreviations of original names we have seen in these years. It means ‘God is my judge’.

22. David:

David is one of the most popular names in the Christian and Jewish traditions. It is indeed ‘beloved’ by all.

23. Diego:

As odd as it may sound, Diego is the Spanish version of James and means ‘supplanter’. You didn’t see that coming, right?

24. Eduardo:

This stalwart of Spanish and Peruvian nomenclature would work well with the Anglos as well. Eduardo means ‘wealthy guardian’.

25. Elmer:

The name Elmer sounds charming, albeit in an old fashioned way. It means ‘noble’.

26. Ernesto:

This Latin variation of Ernesto is used widely in Peru and other surrounding regions, but has fallen several places in the US. Ernesto means ‘serious’.

27. Frank:

This variation of Francis has outperformed even the original in the top 100 Peru baby name list. Frank means ‘free man’.

28. Gabriel:

What could be better than bestowing your child a name meaning ‘man of God’?

29. Gael:

Gael quick ascent to the baby name charts was instigated by the popularity of Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal. It means ‘Gaelic’.

30. Hans:

Hans is the German, Dutch, and Scandinavian form of Johannes and means ‘God is gracious’. Peruvian parents choose this name for its countryside image.

31. Hector:

The Greek mythology name, Hector has been in use in Peru since the turn of the 20th century. It’s usually opted by parents who want their children to have virtues like the Greek warrior. Hector means ‘holding fast’.

32. Henry:

The name Henry has an antique charm that separates it from its modern sounding brethren Harry. Henry means ‘estate ruler’.

33. Isac:

Isac is a spelling variation of Isaac used primarily by the Peruvians. It means ‘laughter’.

34. Jefry:

Jefry is the spelling Peruvians used for Jeffery. A moniker with an erudite style of its own, Jefry means ‘God’s peace’.

35. Jesus:

People of Hispanic descent, including the Peruvians show no discomfort in using the name Jesus for their sons. Jesus means ‘to save’.

36. Jheremy:

If you have a penchant for Biblical name, but want to make it look a bit different, you can opt for Jheremy, the Peruvian version of Jeremy. Jheremy means ‘Yahweh has established’.

37. Joaquin:

Joaquin is the Hispanic version of Biblical name Joachim and translates to ‘lifted by Yahweh’. We feel it’s an excellent alternative to Jose and Juan.

38. Jose:

Simple and thoroughly masculine name Jose, is a risk free naming choice like Jack and John. And it’s a true classic as well. Jose means ‘Jehovah increases’.

39. Juan:

Juan, meaning ‘God’s gracious gift’, is a classic choice for baby boys. It brings to mind both a pick up artist and a rock star.

40. Julio:

Julio is the Hispanic equivalent of Julius and means ‘youthful’. This distinguished and dignified name would be a perfect option for baby boys born in July.

41. Lucio:

Lucio is the sleek and sophisticated version of Lucius and means ‘light’. This moniker is steadily climbing the tandem with other Lu- names.

42. Luigi:

Luigi, like Marcos and Manuel, has an ethnic flavor to it. It means ‘famous warrior’.

43. Luis:

Luis, the Spanish form of Ludwig, is one of the most popular names for Peruvian baby boys. It means ‘famous warrior’.

44. Manuel:

Manuel, meaning ‘God is with you’, has an elusive factor to it – a manly name in the truest sense.

45. Marcos:

This confident sounding variation of Mark suggests strength and virility. Marcos means ‘God of War’.

46. Martin:

There’s a certain gentleness and simplicity to this name, which makes it highly appealing to non-frilly parents. Martin means ‘mars’.

47. Matias:

Matias has shown impressive usage in both the Americas since 2009. We feel it’s a lot to do with Chilean soccer star Matias Fernandez. Matias means ‘gift of God’.

48. Maverick:

Mel Gibson can be attributed to the excessive usage of strong and masculine name Maverick. It means ‘independent’.

49. Michael:

Michael, meaning ‘who is like God’, seems like a timeless and ageless name that just doesn’t seem to sound old fashioned.

50. Miguel:

Miguel, one of the most famous Peruvian baby boy names, conveys a sense of bravery, power, and strength. Miguel means ‘who is like God’.

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