14 The old-fashioned baby names making a comeback in 2019

There is something incredibly charming in the classic and old-fashioned names.

And maybe that’s why there are some who are coming back strongly in 2019.

These names of babies according to Name Berry that caused a furore in the 1910s to the 1950s are once again popular and some of them are absolutely adorable.

Take a look at the main classic names and their meanings that are back in fashion for boys and girls.


Antonella – Firstborn
Esther – Star
Mae – Pearl
Helena – Bright, shining light
Joanna – God is gracious
Josephine – Jehovah increases
Rosalie – Rose


Augustine – Great, magnificent
Benedict – Blessed
Henry – Estate ruler
Lucas – Man from Lucania
Matias – Gift of God
Theodore – Gift of God
Wallace – Stranger

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