178 Beautiful And Unique Christian Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Traditions and customs outline individuals, their thoughts, and opinions, their life-style, etc. One such life-style is to decide on a reputation and Christian or Biblical names ar a mirror of passing down religion within the younger generations to return. These names come from two essential sources – The Old Testament, and The New Testament. There ar different biblical references moreover from wherever these names ar taken.

Christian names ar a vast assortment of Hebrew, Middle Eastern, or Islamic names and have known never to run out of fashion. Biblical woman names ar well-liked ever since they came into being. The one thing that may have changed is their spellings, as people have begun to adopt new spelling for the same name to make it sound modern.

178 Best Biblical Names For Girls With Meanings:

1. Abijah

This is a unisex name, which means ‘My father is God’ in Hebrew.

Bible mention: 1 Samuel 8:2

2. Abigail

This is one of the most popular Christian names. Abigail means the ‘Cause of Joy’.

Bible mention: 1 Samuel 25:1-42

3. Abihail

Abihail is a unisex Christian name, which means the ‘Father of Strength’.

Bible mention: 2 Chronicles 11:18

4. Abital

This is an unusual Biblical name which means ‘My father is Dew’.

Bible mention: 2 Samuel 3:4

5. Achsah

It means ‘Adorned’ or ‘Bursting the veil’. There are other references in the Bible, which also describe Achsah as ‘The woman who always wanted more’.

Bible mention: Joshua 15:16

6. Adah

Adah is a beautiful name, which means ‘Adornment’ or ‘Ornament’.

Bible mention: Genesis 4:19-23

7. Adriel

It means ‘The flock of God’

Bible mention: 1 Samuel 18:19

8. Adina

Adina means ‘Slender’ and ‘Delicate’. It is a unisex name, which is also the name of the chief of an army of Reubenites in the Bible.

Bible mention: 1 Chronicles 11:42

9. Agrippa

This is a unisex name which was also the name of the Roman general who defeated the forces of Antony and Cleopatra. It is a Latin praenomen or a personal name, whose meaning is not known.

Bible mention: Acts 25:13

10. Ahinoam

Ahinoam means to the ‘Brother of pleasantness’ or ‘The pleasant relationship with a brother’.

Bible mention: 1 Samuel 14:50

11. Anna

This name means ‘Favor’ or ‘Grace’. Anna is also the woman who became the first Christian Missionary.

Bible mention: Luke 2:36-38

12. Anah

This beautiful Biblical name means the ‘One who answers’ or the ‘One who sings’.

Bible mention: Genesis 36:2, 18, 25

13. Apphia

Apphia refers to something ‘Fruitful’ or ‘Productive’.

Bible mention: Philemon 1:2

14. Aquila

This majestic name means ‘An Eagle’.

Bible mention: 1 Corinthians 16:19

15. Ariel

Ariel means ‘Altar,’ ‘Light,’ or ‘The Lion of God’. In the Bible, Ariel is also used to refer to the city of Jerusalem.

Bible mention: Isaiah 29:7

16. Ashtoreth

Inspired by Hebrew names, Ashtoreth means the ‘Goddess of love.’

Bible mention: Judges 2:13

17. Asenath

It means ‘Gift of the Sun god’. In the Bible, she is the wife of Joseph.

Bible mention: Genesis 41:45-50

18. Atarah

Atarah is a lovely name for your little girl, and means a ‘Crown’.

Bible mention: 1 Chronicles 2:26

19. Athaliah

This refers to the ‘Time of the Lord’.

Bible mention: 2 Kings 8:26

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