19 Beautiful Four Letter Baby Names For Boys And Girls

4 Letter Girl Names With Meanings:

1. Suri:

Suri is a Hebrew variant of the Sarah. The name hit the headlines when Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes chose it for their daughter. Suri is a multi-cultural name.

2. Tess:

Tess is a diminutive of the classic name Theresa. It means ‘to harvest’. The name exudes more strength than most of the single syllable names. The name Tess also has literary ties.

3. Sara:

Sara is a variation of the Hebrew name Sarah. It is one of the most famous princess meaning 4 letter girl names.

4. Ruth:

Ruth, meaning ‘compassionate friend’ was the third most popular name in the 1890s. But, unfortunately, it faded away soon.

5. Anne:

Anne is a classic name. It is a variation of English name Ann and Hebrew name Hannah. Parents consider this name for its classic simplicity.

6. Asma:

Asma is a lovely Arabic name meaning ‘supreme’. It holds immense importance in the Muslim religion.

7. Cleo:

Cleo is one of the few four letter girl names that boast of a fresh ‘O’ ending. It is the short form of the name Cleopatra, one of the most gorgeous women in history.

8. Elsa:

Elsa is the German diminutive of the famous name Elisabeth. The name lost the focus for decades, but now stands a good chance of revival.

9. Jane:

The meaning of Jane is ‘God’s gracious gift’. As a four letter, one syllable name, Jane has a surprising amount of punch. Jane is an ancient name. In fact, it has been around since the Tudor times.

10. Iris:

Iris is one of the floral that is beginning to regain its appeal. Celebs like Sadie Frost, Leslie Mann, and Jude Law chose Iris for their daughters.

4 Letter Boy Names With Meanings:

11. Amir:

Amir is a name of Arabic origin. It is the title of the highest official in the Arab countries. In Hebrew Amir means treetop.

12. Dave:

Dave is the short form of the traditional name David. It sounds like a name for the ultimate good guy. Dave is familiar as a given name in the United States.

13. Dane:

The name Dane means ‘from Denmark’. It is a variant of the name Dana, but with a stylish edge. Dane is a lot more attractive than you think.

14. Evan:

Evan is the Welsh version of John. The mellow and sweet boy image of Evan placed it in the top 50. Evan has been popular in Wales since the 18th century.

15. Thor:

Thor is one of the most powerful 4 letter boy names. It is the name of the Norse god of strength, rain and thunder. The name invaded the big screen a few years back and is ready to land on the birth certificates as well.

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