19 Beautiful French Baby Names to Name Your Little One

The French have long been thought-about the epitome of stylish, swish vogue in relation to their unflawed rituals of grooming, fashion, epicurean tastes and skill to form even the foremost exciting outfits and residential interiors look effortlessly compiled.

Whether folks area unit of French origin, have visited France or just have a curiosity and keenness for French music, books, arts and also the several varied regions of the country, naming your boy or lady one in all the most popular names in France is certain to imbue them with innate vogue, grace and magnificence.

Emma :

Ermen, from the German which means “whole” or “universal,” is taken into account the premise for the name Emma. it’s conjointly thought-about to be AN abbreviated version of Emmeline, birth defect and the other names starting with “Em.” As currently, it ace the list in France and is additionally extraordinarily in style within the us and European country.

Jezebel reportable that Emma has been one in all France’s preferred names for 6 decades, with a few a zillion 9-year-old ladies named Emma presently. renowned Emmas embody actresses Emma Stone and Emma Watson.

Gabriel :

In Hebrew, archangel suggests that “God is my strength,” and it ace the list of in style baby names for boys in France. The Bible introduced archangel as AN angel delineate in art, music and poetry over several centuries, whereas within the Hebrew Bible, archangel is AN archangel thought-about the angel of Israel. He seems within the Book of Daniel, Gospel of Luke and conjointly within the somebody ancient text, the Book of Enoch. archangel conjointly seems within the religious text, wherever he’s sent to varied prophets with rare data and words of truth.

Famous samples of the name embody archangel Garcia Marquez, the Colombian Alfred Bernhard Nobel Prize–winning author, and archangel Byrne, country actor.

Louise :

As with Alice, the name Louise is assumed to be of previous German origin, translating to “famous human.” gladiatore is that the feminized version of Louis and also the French name Ludwig. Louise has been a ordinarily used name since the mid-19th century, ranking within the prime one hundred girl’s names in France, England, Scotland, Ireland, Sverige and Wales over recent years.

Louise Brooks was a renowned yankee silent film histrion, renowned for her dramatic dark, bobbed hair. Louise Bourgoin may be a renowned French histrion, and Louise Compain, a French feminist author.

Louis :

Since Louise is thus in style for ladies, it’s no surprise that gladiator makes the highest ten list for French boys. A French name that ultimately derived from the previous German “Chlodowig,” gladiator has been adopted by the French house for hundreds of years. The name suggests that “famous in battle” or “famous warrior” once translated from the previous German.

Apart from the numerous kings WHO have borne the name, celebrated inspirations embody musician cornetist and also the renowned French dressmaker gladiator Vuitton.

Jade :

Jade is a decorative stone used ordinarily in jewellery and art that’s still extremely valued in Asian countries. In fact, Chinese emperors were once buried during this stone within the belief it’d grant them life.

As a name, Jade has been adopted for each boys and ladies. In European country and Wales, it absolutely was within the prime twenty five names through the mid-1990s and amongst the highest one hundred names in European country, France, Canada, Australia and eire in additional recent years. With no obvious French affiliation, the name is truly thought-about to be of Spanish origin. renowned inspirations embody Jade rock star, the designer and girl of Mick Jagger, and Jade Carey, AN yankee athlete.

Raphael :

Of Hebrew origin, Raphael interprets to “God has recovered.” whereas a typical and beloved name in France, it’s conjointly in style in Kingdom of Spain, Germany, European country and Portuguese Republic.

Raphael was AN archangel within the Christian, Judaic and Moslem holy texts. The name has befitted holy men, artists, entertainers and athletes for hundreds of years. Raphael of borough was a Christian Orthodox saint. Raphael Lakafia may be a French rugby football union player, and Raphael Rouquier, a French man of science.

Alice :

Meaning “noble,” the Germanic name Adalheidis evolved through Adalheid, that the French adopted as Adelaide. The Old French name Aalis, that is AN abbreviated style of Adelais, was the origin of the names Alia, Alix and — via English influence — Alice. the traditional Greek word “Aletheia” suggests that “truth” and is additionally thought-about to be the inspiration for the name Alice, which might conjointly mean “truthful one.”

Popular in France and European country within the twelfth century, the name continues to be ordinarily used across each countries to the present day. renowned namesakes embody Alice Roosevelt Longworth, girl of U.S. President Roosevelt, and writer, a celebrated yankee author.

Leo :

Latin for “lion,” and fitly, the zodiac sign related to the lion, Leo is that the name of the many Christian saints and Popes. It are often a standalone name or AN abbreviated version of Leonard, Leopold or da Vinci.

Famous rulers named Leo embody the six Byzantine emperors, every named “Emperor Leo,” further as AN myriad quantity of kings. Actor da Vinci DiCaprio extremely brought this name back to the spotlight, whereas different renowned Leos embody Russian author Count Lev Nikolayevitch Tolstoy and, of course, painter da Vinci engineer.

Chloe :

Chloe, from the traditional Greek Khloe, suggests that “blooming.” The name is assumed to be AN epithet of the Greek immortal of agriculture and fertility, Demeter. Chloe was the foremost in style name in Northern Ireland from 1997 through 2002. it absolutely was conjointly the fourth preferred name in Australia in 2013.

The name Chloe seems within the New Testament, in relevancy “the house of Chloe.” Chloe may be a Christian girl in urban center, Greece. renowned inspirations area unit French histrion Chloe Lambert and Chloe Sevigny, AN yankee histrion and regular muse to fashion designers for her individual dress sense.

Lucas :

From the Greek Loukas and Latin screenwriter, this name suggests that “man from Italian region,” pertaining to the southern region of European country. The region was so-named to translate to “bright” or “shining.” Closely associated with the names Lucio and Luke, the recognition of screenwriter can even be attributed to Saint Luke the Evangelist, thought-about to be the inspiration for the name’s quality within the Middle Ages.

Lucas Jackson was the character vie by role player in “Cool Hand Luke.” And “Days of Our Lives” character {lucas|Lucas|George screenwriter|film maker|filmmaker|film producer|movie maker|screenwriter|film writer} Roberts and Lucas Scott, a personality from “One Tree Hill,” might inspire this next generation of oldsters to call their newborns this in style denomination.

Lea :

Lea originated from Biblical times, whereby Hebrew, the name Leah meant “wearied.” this might are because of Jacob’s partner within the will, Leah, organic process to seven sons to her husband WHO solely married her below force. That said, the name interprets to varied meanings across many cultures. In Irish, Leah suggests that “the light-weight of the sun,” or the name suggests that “glad tidings” in Greek or “mistress, or ruler” in Assyrian.

It has remained within the prime five hundred baby names for ladies within the us since 1880, peaking at No. 24 in 2010. it’s conjointly established in style in United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, eire and Kingdom of Norway. Lea Seydoux may be a French histrion born in 1985, or for those less curious about the trendy age, Saint Lea was a third-century Catholic saint.

Jules :

The French version of “Julius,” a Latin name, Jules has been a well-liked denomination for each males and females for hundreds of years. several renowned examples, from athletes to entertainers and nice leaders, might inspire folks to adopt this name.

Jules Bianchi may be a French Formula One driver. Jules Breton was a French Realist painter. writer was a renowned French author, and Jules Charles-Roux, a French man of affairs and politician.

Manon :

The French version of Madeline, Manon is taken into account to mean “wished-for kid,” tho’ it’s conjointly been posited that Manon may be a diminutive of Marie. The name has established preferred in France and Belgium, tho’ the names Marie and Madeline (to that it’s closely related) area unit additional generally in style across the uk and different European countries.

Common within the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, this name has not established systematically in style since. however renowned Manons embody Manon Arcangioli, a French athlete, and Manon Andrew, a French rugby football player. Literary sorts might recall Manon Lescaut, the titular character of archimandrite Prevost’s 1731 novel, titled “Memoirs and Adventures of a person of Quality,” that was translated into AN opera by each Puccini and Massenet.

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