19 Beautiful Six-Letter Names For Your Baby

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Top 10 Six Letter Girl Names For Your Baby:

1. Amelia:

Amelia is one of the most beautiful Victorian 6 letter girl names. It became a British royal name via the daughters of King George II and King George the III.

2. Louisa:

Louisa is a quaint, vintage name. The name illustrates that old-fashioned names sound happening when they come with an ‘a’ ending rather than ‘e’.

3. Vivian:

Vivian, once an old-fashioned name, is on the rise. It current ranks #98, its highest rank since the year 1950. The name Vivian is famous in literature and legend.

4. Marina:

Marina is a lovely sea-born name. Shakespeare used the name for dramatic effect in his play ‘Pericles’. Marina is an epithet of Venus.

5. Ramona:

Ramona is another lovely 6-letter name that you can consider for your baby. This Spanish name is a feminine variation of Ramon.

6. Eudora:

Eudora is one of the Hyades in Greek mythology. The Greek name means ‘generous gift’. The pleasant and euphonious name has a strong possibility of revival. In Disney’s “Princess and the Frog”. Eudora is the name of Princess Tiana’s mommy.

7. Chiara:

Chiara is one of the romantic 6 letter girls names, that Italians parents use widely. The correct pronunciation of Chiara is “Kee-aa-rah. The meaning of Chiara is ‘light and bright’. You can also consider Kiara or Keira as a possible alternative.

8. Helena:

Helena is a delicate and dainty version of the name Helen. The name Helena has historical references too. It was the name of the mother of Constantine the Great.

9. Sophia:

Sophia is a winner in the baby names kingdom. The name held the number 1 spot in the United States from 2011 to 2013. Sophia has a sensuous sound and a great meaning.

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