19 Wonderful Seven-Letter Names For Your Baby

Top 10 Seven Letter Boy Names:

1. Griffin:

Griffin is one of the most appealing Celtic names. It is a variation of the classic Welsh name Griffith.

2. Stephen:

Stephen is a strong and likable baby boy name. The name is currently popular in Ireland, Greece, and New Zealand. Stephen was one of the seven men who spread the gospel of Christianity.

3. Richard:

Richard, the classic old Norman name, was once the sixth most popular name in the United States. The meaning of Richard is ‘dominant ruler’. Richie and Ricky are the best nicknames for Richard.

4. Patrick:

Just like Richard, Patrick is also experiencing a kind of resurgence. It is a derivative of an Irish name Padraig. Children will tie the name to Patrick from SpongeBob Squarepants, a cartoon series.

5. Maxwell:

Maxwell is a blend of the weighty Maximilian and simple Max. Earlier, parents thought Maxwell to be a bit more pompous and grand for their baby. But now a significant number of people are opting for it.

6. Vincent:

The overused British name Vincent is suddenly gaining popularity along with other 7 letter boy names that begin with a V. Vincent was very popular in France in the middle ages and was a particular favorite of the Roman Catholic families.

7. Antonio:

Antonio is the Italian variation of Anthony. It means the ‘priceless one’. The Shakespearean name has a certain panache to it that makes it sound alluring.

8. Charles:

Charles is one of the long time traditional favorites. It was a royal name of its time. Many celebrities have used the name for their children, from Russell Crowe and Jodie Foster.

9. Cameron:

Cameron is a traditional Scottish name meaning ‘crooked nose’. The beautiful name has a deluge of variant spelling. The name reached the peak of its popularity in the 2000s.

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