199 Most Popular 80s Baby Names For Girls And Boys

Popular 1980s Names For Boys:

1. Aaron:

In the Bible, Aaron was the name of the elder brother of Moses. Aaron means ‘mountain of strength’.

2. Adam:

Derived from Hebrew word ‘adama’, Adam is a generic term for ‘man’.

3. Alexander:

A mighty name for your mighty son, Alexander means ‘defender of mankind’.

4. Andrew:

If you are a tennis fan, how about naming your son after the tennis hero Andrew Murray. It means ‘manly’.

5. Anthony:

Anthony is a Roman family name, meaning ‘priceless’.

6. Arthur:

A classic name prevalent in literature, Arthur means ‘bear’.

7. Ashley:

This gender-neutral name was commonplace for boys in the 80s. It means ‘ash wood’.

8. Atreyu:

Atreyu, meaning ‘son of all’, stands out as a unique baby names of 1980.

9. Ben:

This short form of Benjamin was used as a standalone name in the 80s. Ben means ‘son of my right hand’.

10. Benjamin:

Benjamin has reigned as one of the top 100 names for centuries, so that makes it the top baby name of 1980s by default. It means ‘son of my right hand’.

11. Brandon:

Brandon was borne by all the teen hunks of the 80s. It means ‘beacon hill’.

12. Brian:

This robust and dependable name means ‘strong and honorable’.

13. Carl:

Carl is taken from the English name Charles, which means ‘free man’.

14. Chad:

This English name brings to mind a young boy with a sparkling smile. It means ‘warrior’.

15. Charles:

Charles is a majestic and regal name, meaning ‘manly’.

16. Christopher:

This moniker is derived from Greek name Khristophorus and means ‘Christ-bearer’.

17. Cody:

We love Cody for its friendly and boyish charm. Cody means ‘helpful’.

18. Corey:

This teen-idol name of the 80s means ‘from the hollow’.

19. Craig:

If you want a charming name for your son, Craig, meaning ‘rock’, could be the ideal one for you.

20. Daniel:

This classic name comes with the cool nickname option Dan and means ‘God is my judge’.

21. Darren:

Meaning ‘little great one’, Darren would suit your little one really well.

22. David:

Hailing from Hebrew language, David means ‘beloved’.

23. Dean:

This brilliant name is taken from the Old English word denu, which means ‘valley’.

24. Derek:

Derek is the short form of Theodoric and means ‘ruler’.

25. Drew:

While Drew is mainly used for girls now, it was restricted to boys in the 1980s. It means ‘strong and manly’.

26. Dustin:

This name is tied with Dustin Hoffman, the Oscar-winning actor. It means ‘valiant fighter’.

27. Edward:

Eight English kings bore the name Edward, which makes it an excellent regal name. Edward means ‘prosperous protector’.

28. Edwin:

We love the regal feel of Edwin. And it sounds a lot rarer than Edward. Edwin means ‘rich friend’.

29. Elliot:

If it were good enough for “E.T.”, it would be good enough for your son as well. Elliot means ‘Jehovah is God’.

30. Emilio:

Nothing says 80s more than this name. Emilio has the perfect mix of playfulness and tradition.

31. Eric:

This princely name for a dashing man means ‘ruler’.

32. Ferris:

Name you son Ferris and be sure to have a smart and clever fellow.

33. Gareth:

If you want a baby boy name that wasn’t too popular in the 80s, you can pick the Middle English name Gareth, which means ‘enclosure’.

34. Gary:

While Gary was on a decline in the 1950s, it did pretty well in the 80s. Gary means ‘spear’.

35. Gregory:

This elegant name evokes the decency of Gregory Peck, the actor. It means ‘vigilant watchman’.

36. Harrison:

Harrison, meaning ‘son of Harry’ was the ultimate tough guy name of the 80s.

37. Huey:

This moniker of the most loved nephew of Donald, was a favorite in 80s. Huey means ‘intelligent’.

38. Ian:

If you have Scottish roots, pick Ian, the Scottish version of John for your son. It means ‘God is gracious’.

39. Jacob:

The winner of the 80s and still going strong, Jacob means supplanter’.

40. Jake:

You can use Jake as a short form of Jacob or as a standalone name.

41. James:

If you’re fond of Biblical names, James, meaning ‘supplanter’ would be a good choice.

42. Jared:

In the 80s, Jared, meaning ‘descending’, was considered a hyper-masculine name.

43. Jareth:

Jareth is associated with the 1986 hit movie “Labyrinth”. It means ‘bled of jar’.

44. Jason:

In the Greek mythology, Jason is mentioned for his search for the Golden Fleece. Jason means ‘to heal’.

45. Jeffrey:

A formerly aristocratic name, Jeffrey means ‘divinely peaceful’.

46. Jeremy:

Jeremy sounds sleeker and more modern than Jeremiah. It means ‘God will uplift’.

47. Jesse:

A name that’s synonymous with Jesse James, this name means ‘wealthy’.

48. John:

A classic name that never totally fades from the list, no matter what era it is. John means ‘God is gracious’.

49. Jonathan:

Jonathan is a serious and artistic name, meaning ‘Gift of God’.

50. Jordan:

This charismatic and confident name means ‘descending’.

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