199 Unique And Meaningful Non-Religious Or Atheist Baby Names

Atheist Or Non-Religious Baby Names For Girls:

1. Acadia:

This woodsy name is like a breath of fresh air. It means ‘idyllic place’.

2. Acajou:

Acajou, the reddish brown color name, may translate to cashew in French, but is actually the wood of the mahogany tree.

3. America:

This place name is derived from the Latin word Americus and means ‘new word’.

4. Anique:

If you want a cosmopolitan name for your daughter, Anique should be the one for you. It means ‘grace’ in Hebrew and ‘apricot’ in Japanese.

5. Arcadia:

This beautiful name is associated with the simple joys found in pastoral life. It means ‘pastoral simplicity’.

6. Aria:

Aria, meaning ‘air’, has jumped into the top 50 list, all because of the “Game of Thrones” effect.

7. Arizona:

This evocative southerner name was picked by Art Alexakis, the Everclear frontman recently. Arizona means ‘little springs’.

8. Armona:

This Hebrew origin name, meaning ‘chestnut brown’, is the name of a place in California.

9. Asta:

This beautiful Scandinavian name signifies the most powerful emotion in the world, ‘love’.

10. Auburn:

This attractive color name, straight out of the color box, is usable for both the genders.

11. Avery:

Avery has experienced a meteoric rise since the 1990s. It means ‘ruler of elves’.

12. Azure:

Wouldn’t it make a lovely name for a blue eyed girl. In the Middle Ages, azure, the stunning blue shade was used widely in the medieval art.

13. Beatriz:

We feel, Beatriz, meaning ‘bringer of happiness’, would also make a lovely secular name for your daughter.

14. Bela:

Bela is a Hawaiian version of Latin name Bella and means ‘beautiful’.

15. Birdie:

Birdie would make a cute nickname for your daughter.

16. Blossom:

The 90s parents will surely love this sunshine name. It means ‘fresh’.

17. Briar:

Too bad the meaning of Briar, ‘a thorny patch’, does not sound as beautiful as the name.

18. Brooke:

Brooke, meaning ‘stream’, is now associated only with girls, thanks to Brooke Shields.

19. Brooklyn:

Brooklyn is no longer just the name of a New York borough. It’s now considered one of the trendiest baby girl names.

20. Brycin:

This Celtic name is sensible, strong, and unique. It means ‘bright strength’.

21. Calla:

If Lily isn’t your cup of tea, pick Calla, which literally means ‘beautiful’

22. Capri:

Capri is an Italian name, meaning ‘fanciful or unpredictable’. The only catch is that it could be associated with women’s garment.

23. Carson:

Carson, meaning ‘child of Carr’, was originally used for boys, but is used for both genders now.

24. Carys:

Carys is a beautiful and rhythmic Welsh name, meaning ‘love’.

25. Chelsea:

The name Chelsea is taken from the Old English word, which means ‘a landing place for limestone’.

26. Clementine:

Clementine isn’t just the name of sweet oranges. It’s a feminine form of Clement and means ‘gentle’ in Latin.

27. Coco:

Naming your daughter after fashion brand is not as outlandish as it may seem. Courtney Cox also named her firstborn daughter Coco.

28. Coral:

Color names, especially Violet, have been in vogue since time immemorial. It’s time to shower some love on coral as well.

29. Dakota:

Dakota is taken from a Native American word, where it’s the name of a group of tribes.

30. Dale:

This moniker is best known for its association with cowgirl Dale Evans. Dale means ‘valley’.

31. Dallas:

This Scottish name, meaning ‘from the field with the water’, is a major city in Texas.

32. Danica:

Danica is a Hebrew name, meaning ‘morning star’. Dany would be the best nickname for Danica.

33. Darren:

The Irish name, meaning ‘little great one’, was once popular atheist boy name, but works better on girls now.

34. Deanna:

This lovely name, meaning ‘valley’, was picked by James Brown for his daughter.

35. Delta:

Oozing Southern charm, this moniker was picked by Dax Shepard for his daughter. It means ‘born fourth’.

36. Deryn:

Even though Deryn, meaning ‘bird’, was popular in the 50s, it sounds way less dated than Robin.

37. Dimona:

If you want a directional baby name that’s not too much in the face, pick Dimona, which means ‘south’.

38. Dune:

Dune is a beachy name with sci-fi connection. You can also opt for its alternate spelling, Doon. It means ‘From Doon’.

39. Duscha:

Happiness is all we want for our children. So pick the Russian name Duscha, which means ‘happy’.

40. Eartha:

If you want to establish a connection between your daughter and the world she’s in, pick the name, Eartha. It means ‘earth’.

41. Ellis:

This sparingly used name, meaning ‘benevolent’, would make an ambisexual alternative to Ella.

42. Emma:

What could be more secular than a name that means ‘universal’.

43. Eshe:

Eshe is an exotic and uncommon Swahili name, meaning ‘life’.

44. Felora:

Hawaiian name Felora is definitely a better alternative to Flora.

45. Fern:

This attractive botanical name is very soon expected to move to the top of the list.

46. Finley:

Finley, meaning ‘fair warrior’, is a fitting name for girls of today’s generation.

47. Gaia:

This Greek word for ‘earth’ would make an utterly adorable name for your daughter.

48. Gemma:

A lovely gemstone name with an equally beautiful nickname option, Gemma means ‘gem’.

49. Grande:

Exactly what your life should be! Grande is an Italian name, meaning ‘large’.

50. Hayley:

Hayley, meaning ‘from the hay meadow’, was previously used for boys, but is now more common for girls.

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