21 Most Romantic Baby Boy Names Of All Time

21 Most Romantic Names For Boys:

1. Caspian:

Caspian is a romantic and heroic name which is here to stay since its popularity shot up.

2. Romeo:

The name Romeo is an epitome of romance. Our romantic name round-up would be incomplete without mentioning this classic protagonist of Shakespeare’s play.

3. Orion:

Orion is a strong Romantic name with roots in Greek mythology. The name also has celestial ties, as ‘Orion’ is one of the brightest constellations in the sky.

4. Humphrey:

If you have watched the film ‘Casablanca’, then you will know why this name makes our list. We feel that the name has a classy and romantic sound to it.

5. Darcy:

What can we say about this name? Darcy is the most famous Jane Austen character and a childhood heartthrob of several girls. Combined with a rhythm, Darcy makes a romantic choice

6. Apollo:

The name Apollo, just as Orion, has a romantic quality to it. Apollo was the Greek God of poetry and music, and don’t good poetry and romance go together?

7. Lancelot:

Lancelot has a ‘romance novel’ vibe to it, with Sir Lancelot being the seductive knight from the King Arthur Legend.

8. Lorenzo:

Don’t you think the name Lorenzo has an Italian lover feel to it? You can also consider Renzo, Enzo, and Angelo. They sound equally romantic.

9. Rhett:

Rhett was the lead in Margaret Mitchell’s record-breaking novel “Gone with the Wind”. The name Rhett is a surname derived from the Dutch name de Raedt and stands for advice or counseling.

10. Eros:

Eros would be an ideal romantic name for your little prince. The name perfectly describes what a romantic baby boy name should be as Eros was the impish God of love and the son of Goddess Aphrodite.

11. Valentino:

This Latin name is not just romantic, but also has an alluring sound to it. The name comes from the term Valentinus and is a variant of the name Valentines. Valentino Rossi, Italian professional motorcycle racer and multiple MotoGP World Champion, is currently the most famous bearer of this name.

12. Jack:

The love dove from Titanic can never grow old when it comes to love. Jack was once a jargon for ‘man’ in Europe and still holds the third position on English baby name charts.

13. Athens:

Have you ever considered naming your baby after a romantic destination? You can give it a shot now. Athens is the love capital of Greece and has a romantic imagery to it.

14. Delmont:

French names are renowned for being romantic yet masculine. Delmont is a heavenly romantic name dripping in masculinity as it stands for ‘of the mountain’.

15. Byron:

Name of famous English poet, Lord Byron, this name means ‘at the cow shed’. May not sound all that romantic, but is certainly a favorite among people.

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