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22 unique classical music-inspired baby names


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Looking for a musical name for your sprog? Here’s a range of distinctive, classical music-inspired names you may not have detected before…

Aria :

Meaning: an extended, classical music piece for solo voice. From the Italian ‘air’

Carol :

Meaning: a preferred hymn, typically sung at Christmas time

Melody :

Meaning: the most tune up a bit of music or song

Cadence (or Cadenza) :

Meaning: A progression of notes that concludes a phrase

Viola :

Meaning: Associate in Nursing musical group instrument, slightly larger than a fiddle

Celeste (or Celesta) :

Meaning: atiny low, heavenly-sounding instrument that appears like a piano, however seems like a orchestral bells

Dorian :

Meaning: A diatonic scale, terribly kind of like the trendy natural musical mode

Harmony :

Meaning: A succession of supporting notes, contend or sung below the melody

Lyre (or Lyra) :

Meaning: atiny low instrument contend by the traditional Greeks, kind of like a harp

Aida :

Meaning: Associate in Nursing opera set in Ancient Egypt, by prolific Italian musician composer. A unchanged story of affection and betrayal

Allegra :

Meaning: Associate in Nursing Italian music term, which means joyful or spirited

Lydian :

Meaning: A diatonic scale kind of like a significant scale, however with one note sharpened to convey a rather unsettling sound

Octave (or Octavia) :

Meaning: A series of eight notes, separating one musical pitch and another with double its frequency

Melisma :

Meaning: A passage of many notes sung on one language unit

Demi :

Meaning: Associate in Nursing Italian music term, which means ‘half’, as in ‘demigod’

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