24 Beautiful Baby Girl Names That Bring the Romance Back

Looking for baby girl names? Look no further. We’ve gathered the top 24 baby girl names of 2019 These beautiful baby girl names are perfect!

While I’m all for choosing a unique name that stands out (I did this myself) I also believe strongly in choosing a name with a real meaning that speaks to what you want to call your child every single day.

Choosing the perfect baby name for your little bundle of joy is a hard task because names are so important. Lately, in pop culture news it seems there’s no rhyme or reason for choosing baby names other than to stand out.

Here are more cool and powerful baby names for both girls and boys.

24 Beautiful Baby Girl Names :

    1. Amira – Princess/Rich/Cultivated
    2. Aurora – Goddess of the Dawn
    3. Brielle – God is my Strength
    4. Eva – Giver of Life
    5. Gianna – God is Gracious
    6. Isabella – God is my Oath
    7. Emilia – To Strive, to excel, to rival
    8. Reina – Queen
    9. Adele – Noble, Kind
    10. Amelie – Hardworking
    11. Angelica – Messenger of God
    12. Anna  – Gracious and Merciful
    13. Elise – God is my Promise
    14. Camille – Perfect

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