24 Strong Baby Boy Names With Meanings In 2019

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I know how hard it can be to find a baby boy name that you know you will love forever. I think that the best way to be sure that you choose a name that is fitting for your new bundle of joy is to find a name who’s meaning is one that fits in line with the kind of person you hope and believe that they will be.

For little guys, I want robust baby boy names area unit extremely vital.

These robust baby boy names square measure classic however fashionable and excellent for the period of time momma. 2019 is right around the corner. If you’re pregnant with a bit boy, type through these robust baby boy names that square measure bound to work right in along with your very little family.



Meaning “Noble Leader” in German, this baby boy name is strong and righteous.


An English name meaning “A bowman”. Kind of obvious in meaning, but this baby boy name represents a warrior with great skill.


Meaning “Strength of a bear” in German, this strong baby boy name belongs to a man with great courage and power.


The Irish meaning Is “Horse Trainer”. I imagine that a name with such a meaning belongs to a man with great patience and strength.

5. DEAN:

Meaning Head or Leader, this name represents a man who can take charge.


In German, this name means “Strong worker” or “Powerful”. The name speaks for itself. It belongs to someone strong and determined.


A Hebrew name meaning “firm and strong”, this man is one who is full of strength in his life and in his faith.


Belonging to a man who is resilient and wild with the meaning “Wild boar, strong and brave”.

9. EZRA:

A Hebrew name found in the Bible that means “Helper”. Strong in his own way, this man helps those around him.

10. FINN:

A Gaelic name meaning “small blond soldier”. Small and fair, but a soldier nonetheless!

11. GAVIN:

A Welsh name meaning “hawk of the battle”, this strong baby boy name is perfect for someone who will have great vision.


This is a Scottish name that actually means “from the marshes”. I take that as meaning that this man will be able to persevere and power through anything that comes his way.

13. GRANT:

Simply means “Great” in Ireland. This name stands alone in immense strength that completely speaks for itself.


A Welsh name meaning “Fighting Chief”, not only is this man strong, but also a leader.


Meaning “Bold Warrior” in German, this strong baby boy name is powerful.


An English name meaning “Ruler”, this name has a reputation of being a leader to many.

17. LEO:

An Italian name that simply means “A Lion”, this name represents great strength, strategy, and skill.

18. LIAM:

A name originating in Ireland, it means “Determined Guardian”. A perfect fit for a man who will protect his loved ones with great dedication.


An American name meaning “Wildly Independent”, this name is perfect for someone who is strong enough to take care of himself and find his own way.

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