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26 Unique Baby names inspired by Independence Day: July 4th for boys and girls

Check out these sparkler-worthy names inspired by Independence Day ! Whether you’re expecting a July baby or you simply love our country and the ideals it stands for, one of these patriotic names will suit your little firecracker.

4th of July Names for Girls :

Battles were once fought and won by men, not women, but women played an important role in the battle for independence in the United States. Some of the more popular girl’s names representing important women in US history include:

    1. Betsy: Betsy Ross was a patriot responsible for sewing the first American flag.
    2. Abigail: Wife of patriot John Adams.
    3. Julia: A take on the word July.
    4. America: Representation of the US.
    5. Belle: Liberty Bell in Philadelphia.
    6. Freeda: A take on the word freedom.
    7. Amara: An alternative name for America.

Some 4th of July inspired names are words commonly used to describe the feelings that surround the holiday and holiday celebrations like:

    1. Hope
    2. Liberty
    3. Starla
    4. Love

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