36 Best of the ‘badass’ baby names for girls

Women are strong. Women are fierce. Women are badass. They deserve names that sound as tough as they are, so the world knows not to mess with them.

Here are some of the most badass girl names that will encourage your baby to become as strong and independent as her mother.

    1. ​Amelia (Earhart)
    2. Aphra (Behn)
    3. Araminta (original name of Harriet Tubman)
    4. Arya (Stark)
    5. Athena (Greek goddess of wisdom and strategy)
    6. Christabel (Pankhurst)
    7. Constance (Lytton – kick-ass suffragette)
    8. Diana (Roman name of Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt)
    9. Dorothea (character from Middlemarch)
    10. Dorothy (Lawrence – journalist on the frontline in WW1 posing as a man)
    11. Eleanor (Roosevelt – the original badass)
    12. Flora (Sandes – WWI heroine)
    13. Frida (Kahlo)
    14. Harriet (Tubman)
    15. Hera (Greek goddess of marriage, life and love)
    16. Josephine (Baker)
    17. Juliana (of Norwich, aka Julian of Norwich; medieval badass, patroness of cats)
    18. Lyra (from Pullman’s Dark Materials)
    19. Maeve (queen of Irish saga; very badass)
    20. Malala (Youseffi)
    21. Maya (Angelou)
    22. Nancy (Wake, Astor)
    23. Norma (Jean)
    24. Octavia (E. Butler)
    25. Rey (Star Wars)
    26. Ripley (or Ellen if you want to be more subtle)
    27. Rosa (Parkes)
    28. Rosalind (Franklin-scientist)
    29. Ruth (Bader Ginsburg)
    30. Simone (de Beauvoir)

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