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36 Unique Military Baby Names Perfect For Girls And Boys

Military Baby Names For Boys:

1. Admiral:

Admiral is the rank of the highest naval officer. This name witnessed its peak in the 1880s. Don’t you think it’s time for it to make a comeback?

2. Benning:

The name Benning pays homage to the United States military post in Georgia. You can even shorten it to Ben for the nickname.

3. Arrow:

If you do not mind a straightforward and bold name for your son, go with Arrow. Babies and Arrows have gone hand-in-hand, since St. Valentine’s Day.

4. Jet:

What could be more fantastic than naming our child after a super cool aircraft? This moniker oozes military charm. And there’s a rock band name Jet.

5. Lance:

Lance, the name of a weapon, could make a potential name for your son. It’s a short form of the name Lancelot and means ‘land.’

6. Sergeant:

Both Sergeant and its spelling variation Sargent could be a military themed name. This name also refers to Sargent Shriver, the first director of the Peace Corps.

7. Omar:

With Omar, we are referring to General Omar Bradley, the highly distinguished senior officer of the United States Army.

8. Pershing:

This army boy name is associated with General John J. Pershing, who led the American force into Europe during the First World War.

9. Cannon:

We think Cannon would make a cool and preppy name for your son. It’s robust and straight shooting, exactly how the military officials are.

10. Gunther:

Gunther is a German name, meaning ‘warrior.’ This moniker sounds like the next big hero, isn’t it?

11. Crew:

Do you aspire your son to be a marine or navy officer? Then you can never go wrong with Crew?

12. Cormac:

Cormac was the third-century Irish king responsible for opening schools of law and military science.

13. Garrison:

Garrison is a term used for a body or troops or a military post. We think it would make one of a kind name for your tough son. The meaning of Garrison is ‘stronghold’.

14. Harold:

Harold is a Scandinavian military baby boy name, meaning ‘army ruler.’

15. Nathan:

Nathan Hal was a Revolutionary War Hero best known for his quote- “I regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.”

16. Gunner:

Gunner is the Scandinavian version of the name Gunther and means ‘bold warrior.’ This macho name is favored greatly by NRA-leaning parents.

17. Bowie:

This moniker refers to James Bowie, the 19th-century pioneer who played a crucial role in the Texas Revolution. The meaning of this Scottish army baby name is ‘blond’.

18. Commodore:

Commodore is a traditional title for an officer who is assigned to than one ship command at once. This moniker has an athletic and old-fashioned feel it.

19. Mace:

The name Mace has a slight aura of danger surrounding it, probably because of it being a major type of weapon. But what’s life without risk, right? Or be on the safe side and use it as a short form for Mason.

20. Major:

This bold name soared in popularity from the years 2008 to 2013 and is given to over a 1000 baby names every year.

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