+39 Christmas baby name ideas

Festive baby girl name ideas :

Holly :

A Christmas classic! The name is tied to the beautiful holly bush which is used to adorn homes at Christmas. A baby girl with this name is bound to be playful and full of fun.

Ivy :

Referring to the climbing plant, ivy is a gorgeous winter tradition that is also part of the popular Christmas tune The Holly and The Ivy. This is a beautiful and simple name, but full of character.

Winter :

Perfect if you are not religious but want to pay homage to the season with your baby’s name.

Angel/Angelina :

Meaning: Messenger of god. 

Works well if you are religious and want to pay homage to one of the most important times in the Christian calendar. It’s a very feminine and beautiful name. You could go for a variant such as Angelina or Angela. Can also be called Angie.

Eve :

Meaning: Life. 

A simple but delicate baby name. Eve is becoming quite popular, along with similar names such as Eva, Ava, Evie and Eveline.

Faith :

Meaning: Trust in god. 

An uplifting and unique baby girl name. Perfect for parents who want a very religious name. Also great as a positive and meaningful name for this time of year.


A wonderful and positive name. This one makes a beautiful middle name, as well as a first name.

December :

Pay tribute to the time of year your baby was born by naming them after the month. December is such a unique name, but it’s so pretty.

Clara :

Meaning: Bright, clear. 

Clara is the name of the little girl in The Nutcracker story, so it’s a perfect Christmas name! This is a lovely vintage little girl’s name. It’s not in the top 100 baby names, so there won’t be lots of them in your child’s class at school if you are looking for something a bit more unique.

Merry :

Meaning: Light hearted, happy. 

Celebrate your baby’s arrival during the festive season with this lovely cheerful name. This is such a unique and special name, it would be perfect as a middle name as well as a first name.

Neve :

Meaning: Snow. 

A subtle and delicate baby girl name. This is a simple yet gorgeous name that is not widely used but is bound to impress.

Noelle :

Meaning: Christmas. 

What better way to celebrate your Christmas baby than to name them after the festive season itself. The name comes from the French word for Christmas. This is a stunning and feminine name.

Aster :

Meaning: Star. 

A magical name for a magical time of year! A baby girl called Aster conjures up images of a child full of spark and energy.

Lumi :

Meaning: Snow in Finnish.

This is such a unique name! It’s a beautiful word and very easily rolls off the tongue. The meaning behind the word is snow, so it’s ideal for a December baby.

North :

This is a common surname in the UK, but since Kim Kardashian named her firstborn North it’s grown in popularity as a first name too! There are wonderful connotations of December and Christmas tied to this name, as it makes you think of the North Star, and stars are so symbolic of the festive season.

Hermione :

Meaning: Messenger. 

Christmas at Hogwarts was always such a magical time in the Harry Potter books! Have your own little wizard by using the name Hermione. It’s such a special name.

Celyn :

Meaning: Welsh for Holly. 

This is such a gorgeous and unique word. We love how soft and feminine this word is, perfect for a beautiful baby girl.

Belle :

Meaning: Beautiful. 

Belle was the name of Scrooge’s beloved in A Christmas Carol! Pay tribute to this classic Christmas story by using this adorable baby girl name.

Grace :

Meaning: Effortless beauty. 

This name has no direct ties to Christmas, but its sound and meaning have strong connotations of the festive season and all of its magic. Makes a gorgeous middle name as well.

Mary :

Meaning: Wished-for child. 

The perfect name if you have had a struggle to conceive or this was a much longed-for baby. A baby is a gift at any time of year, but it’s so special to have one at Christmas. Using the name is both a sign of happiness at your child’s arrival, and a nod to the Nativity Story and Jesus’ birth.

Eira :

Meaning: Welsh for snow 

Pronounced Ay-ra, this name is simple but stunning.

Ember :

Meaning: Ashes. 

Christmas is all about toasty fires and the warmth of having our families close to us. Take inspiration from the glow of Christmas by using this lovely, warm baby girl name.

January :

Meaning: Month of the wolf. 

Look to the New Year for inspiration with the name January, inspired by the month. This name is full of hope and joy.

Olwen :

Meaning: Welsh for white footprint. 

This name sounds like it comes straight from a tale of King Arthur and his knights. It’s a strong vintage name and the meaning is perfect for a December baby.

Paloma  :

Meaning: Dove, the symbol of peace. 

Christmas is a time to spread the message of peace on earth! Make it personal by giving your baby this unusual and pretty name.

Wynter :

A variant on the word Winter, the unusual spelling makes it feel quite exotic and would also work for a baby boy.

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Anna :

Not traditionally a Christmas baby name, but permanently tied to snow and ice thanks to the film Frozen! Anna is brave, fun and unpredictable.

Elsa :

Another Frozen-inspired name! Elsa is a derivative of the Hebrew name Elizabeth which comes from the Hebrew name Elisheba, meaning “God is perfection”.

Scarlett :

The word means “bright red”. It’s a gorgeous way to mark the festive season! It’s a beautiful baby girl name that is also shared by Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson.

Natalia :

Meaning: Born at Christmas 

A feminine and pretty girl’s name that can be shortened in several ways (Nat, Tally, Lia, Natty). It rolls off the tongue so nicely and would be lovely paired with a floral middle name such as Rose.

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