43 Pregnancy Hacks That Make Preggo-Life So Much Better

If you’re pregnant or wondering turning into pregnant, you’ve most likely browse all the books to organize yourself for what’s to return. There’s little question physiological condition could be a full-blown miracle, however even miracles go along with some unfortunate aspect effects. From swelling to nausea and everything in between, there’ll seemingly be some hiccups that return in conjunction with your lovely bump.

The end result’s positively well worth the struggle, but girl, there could also be moments you question that, and to it I say, I’ve feel you. We all do, because we’ve been there. So when you find yourself in those moments of despair and desperation, refer to this list. Here are 43 tips and hacks that ar sure to create life a touch a lot of manageable once you ar a mom-to-be.

1. Comfort is paramount :

This is the golden rule of pregnancy. Whatever you need to be comfortable, if it’s attainable, get it. Whether it’s a Dairy Queen Blizzard at 10 p.m., or 5 pairs of the same elastic-waist pants, just do it.

2. Have a snack at 3 a.m:

This may seem ridiculous, but if you suffer from early-morning nausea, keep snacks on your nightstand. Nausea is often amplified when your stomach is empty, so nibbling on a few saltine crackers after an early-morning trip to bathroom can keep the queasiness at bay.

3. Pillows are a pregnant girl’s best friend:

This goes back to the golden rule—comfort is paramount. Sleeping on your side is the recommended position during pregnancy, and often the most comfortable. Placing a pillow under your bump, and one between your knees can offer added support and comfort.

4. Keep your bra in the freezer:

Summer pregnancies are notoriously brutal, because sweat. Keep a bra in the freezer for a quick summer or warm weather cool-down.

5. Apple cider vinegar can stop heartburn in its tracks:

Or maybe stay away from the spicy food, but that just seems bonkers if you ask me.

6. Let everyone help you:

Make a list of things you need help with, and when someone offers, let them help you. I’m all about being an independent woman, but trust me on this one, take the help when it’s offered. This goes for postpartum, too.

7. Stay hydrated :

I know this seems like more of an obvious statement, than a hack, but it’s easy to become dehydrated when you are growing a tiny human. Keep a water bottle with you at all times. Being adequately hydrated will keep you and your baby bear feeling the best you can.

8. Eat a banana to alleviate leg cramps:

What? That’s bananas! But, it’s true. If you’re having trouble with leg cramps, have a glass of water and a banana. The potassium in the banana can ease unwanted leg cramps.

9. Use a hairband to keep your pants up:

This is probably my favorite pregnancy hack, and a must-use for any mama looking to get a few extra months out of her favorite pre-pregnancy jeans.

10. Skip maternity-specific clothes:

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