46 Wonderful Names For December Borns

December Baby Names For Boys:

1. Angel:

This masculine name comes from the Latin Angelus which again comes from Greek word angelos and means envoy. One of the notable bearers of this name is the Argentine footballer Angel Di Maria.

2. Aaron:

He was the elder brother of Moses. This name originated from the Hebrew name Aharon meaning lofty or high mountain. The proud bearer of this name is the Australian cricketer Aaron Finch.

3. Balthasar:

This name has its roots in the Hebrew language, derived from the name Belshatzzar and it means save the ruler. In the Persian language, this name implies advisor in war.

4. Bruce:

This name was derived from an old Scottish last name and most probably means the French town of Brix. Besides the Scottish king and hero Robert Bruce, this name was also given to the American composer Bruce Springsteen.

5. Caleb:

This name bears its origin in the Hebrew language, and it means a dog, a crow or a case. He was one of the 12 spies who went to Israel on Moses’ orders. Caleb Hass is one of the famous characters in the on-going TV series Quantico.

6. Christian:

One of the commonest names in Christian community and originates from a Latin name Christianus which means the follower of Christ. Many famous people share this name like noted fashion designer Christian Dior, reputed Hollywood actor Christian Bale to name a few.

7. Clement:

The root of this name is the Latin name Clemens, which means compassionate. St Clement became a pope in the 1st century.

8. Dagon:

This name has its origin in the Ugaritic word ‘dagon’ signifying grain. It was the Semitic God of farming and sometimes it also means little fish.

9. Ethan:

One of the commonest and most familiar English names, this name, comes from the Hebrew language and means rock-solid, durable. People bearing this name are restless, creative thinkers, adaptable and love freedom and adventure. Whenever this name comes to our minds, the face of the Adrenaline Junkie Tom Cruise from Mission Impossible movie series makes us thrilled.

10. Emmanuel:

This December boy name originated from the Hebrew name Immanu’el which means God is with us. In the Old Testament, he was the prophesy Messiah. This name has not gained that much popularity and is sometimes also spelled as Immanuel.

11. Frost:

This name comes from an old English word, and it means cold weather, a very cool name for this time of the year. This name may also have another meaning, which comes from the German word ‘frustaz’. Rober Frost, the American poet, bore this name.

12. Gabriel:

This name originates from the Hebrew name Gavri’el which indicates God is my strong man. He is there both in Old Testament and the New Testament where declares the birth of John to Zechariah and Jesus to Mary. One of the proud bearers of this name is the Argentine soccer legend Gabriel Batistuta.

13. Jasper:

This name comes from the Persian origin meaning the treasurer. He was one of the three Magi or wise men and kings who went to see the baby Jesus. This name also has other forms like Caspar, Gaspar, Kaspar.

14. Jack:

This name derives from an old name Jankin, which is also a short version of the famous name John. The English footballer Jack Wilshere bears this name.

15. Joseph:

This name comes from the Latin name Ioseph, which has its root in the Hebrew name Yosef signifying he will add. It is quite a common name and borne by the reputed footballer Joseph Carr among many others.

16. Kris:

It’s the short form of Kristoffer which is again the Scandinavian version of the English name Christopher. The meaning of this name is the disciple of Christ.

17. Michael:

One of the most widely used English names, this name was derived from a Hebrew name Mikhael which means who is like God? This name also means modest or deprived.

18. Moses:

This name originates from the Hebrew name Mosheh which is in turn derived from the Egyptian word ‘mes’ denoting son. Gwyneth Paltrow has named her son with this name.

19. Nicholas:

This name has its origin in the Greek language. It originates from two words ‘nike’ (meaning victory) and ‘laos’ (meaning people).

20. Noel:

This name has originated from the French language, and it means Christmas. Noel Coward was a reputed English dramatist and musician.

21. Snowden:

It’s an English name, and it has the meaning the snow-covered hills. The most famous bearer of this name is the former CIA employee Edward Snowden.

22. Winter:

This name is the name of an English season and undoubtedly an apt name for the babies born in this period.

23. Xavier:

It is a quite common English name and has come from the name of a place, Etxaberri located in Basque. The name bears the meaning the new house and borne by the Mexican striker Xavier Hernandez.

December Baby Girl Names:

1. Abigail:

Being a girlish name but its meaning is father’s joy, most probably stating that the birth of a daughter brings joy to father and originates from a Hebrew name Avigayil.

2. Angele:

This name comes from the name Angelus and it is the feminine form meaning messenger of God. You can call your sweet little angel by this name.

3. Barbara:

This name has found its root in a Greek name Barbaros and means foreign. Legend has it that St. Barbara was a benefactor to designers, builders, and army. A notable bearer of this name is the Oscar-winning actress Barbra Streisand.

4. Candy:

This name originated from the Cushitic word ‘kdke’ denoting queen mother and was a title which passed on with heredity for the queens of Ethiopia. It’s a smaller version of the name Candace or Candice. The American actress who proudly bears this name is Candice Bergen.

5. Christiane:

This name is the feminine form of the name Christian used in French or German and means the devotee of Christ. The famous German biologist Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard was awarded with the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1995.

6. Eden:

This name comes from the Hebrew language, and it means a place of enjoyment resembling to the famous Garden of Eden. One of the proud bearers of this name is the American Barbara Eden, who is many talents combined into one, actress, stand-up comedian, and singer.

7. Emmanuelle:

This name was derived from Hebrew language and is the feminine form of the name Emmanuel. This name was borne by French actress Emmanuelle Riva.

8. Eve:

The root of this name is the Hebrew word chawah (meaning to breathe) which gave rise to the Hebrew name Chawwah and from the came this name which signifies to live.

9. Faith:

The Latin word fidere which signifies to trust gave birth to the English word faith and from there this name came into existence.

10. Helen:

This name originates from the Greek name Helene, and it means the moon or a ray of light. Some of the most beautiful women from several fields bear this name, Helen Mirren being one of them.

11. Hannah:

As per the Bible, she was the mother of the spiritualist Samuel and is derived from the Hebrew name Channah signifying grace. This name has been made popular by the fictional character Hannah Montana.

12. Holly:

This December girl name comes from an old English word holen, and it means tree or shrub in various languages. Holly Marie Combs was a famous actress.

13. Juana:

This name is the female name for the masculine name Juan and comes from the Latin name Iohanna. The beautiful and talented Juana Rosario Molina is an Argentine musician and artist.

14. Leah:

This name comes from the Hebrew name Le’ah, originating from the same Hebrew word signifying weariness. Sometimes this name also means ruler.

15. Lucy:

It originates from the name Lucia which is the feminine variety of the name Lucius. This baby name comes from the Latin word ‘lux’ meaning light.

16. Mary:

She was the mother of Lord Jesus, as per Bible. The Hebrew name Miryam who was the sister of Moses, gave rise to the Greek name Mariam or Maria and Mary is the diminutive form of this Greek name.

17. Naomi:

This baby girl name for December born comes from the Hebrew name Na’omiy which means beautiful. This name is somewhat common and is proudly borne by the actress Naomi Watts.

18. Natalia:

It is an ancient Latin name, and it signifies the Day of Christmas. The other form of this name is Natalie and two lovely actresses Natalie Portman and Natalie Dormer share this name.

19. Noelle:

This name is the English version of the Dutch name Noëlle which is the feminine form of the name Noël denoting Christmas in the French language.

20. Olympia:

The home in the mountains of the Greek Gods is called Olympos, and this name is its feminine form.

21. Sarah:

As per the Old Testament, she was the wife of Abraham and hence the meaning of this name princess, noblewoman derived from Hebrew word is very apt.

22. Starr:

This name comes from the old English word steorra and is a different form of the name star.

23. Susan:

This name is a different form of the name Susanna, which comes from the Greek word Sousanna which is the other form of the Hebrew name Shoshannah meaning the flower lily or rose.

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