48 Gutsy And Valiant Nautical Baby Names For Boys And Girls

Top Nautical Boy Names:

1. Adrian:

Adrian, meaning ‘from the Adriatic Sea’, is primarily used for boys, but can be picked for girls too. Adrian is particularly a winning choice in the UK, considering it’s the name of several Saint and popes in England.

2. Anchor:

This thorough masculine name refers to the metallic device that prevents the vessel from drifting due to the current or wind. It symbolizes stability and strength, things that the crew members are known for.

3. Bay:

An entirely unconventional name for your son, Bays are the inlets of water attached to seas and oceans. While Bay is considered suitable for both the genders, it hasn’t shown a substantial usage for girls.

4. Brendan:

Brendan, as in Saint Brendan, refers to the patron saint of the sailor. St. Brendan is believed to have been sailed across the Atlantic Ocean in search for the Isle of the Blessed.

5. Caspian:

This moniker sounds magical to the ears. Besides being the name of the largest sea, Caspian is also the name of a character in the “Voyage of the Dawn Treader” who led the sea voyage.

6. Charles:

Pay tribute to Charles Noble, the British merchant service captain by naming your son Charles. A long and persistent pick, Charles will never go down the charts and will remain the top 100 names for centuries to come.

7. Christopher:

This name honors the ultimate sailor and explorer, Christopher Columbus. Christopher, meaning ‘bearer of Christ’, has seen success in the US. It did lose a little footing in the 21st century, but is still a crowd pleaser.

8. Crew:

This nautical baby boy name entered the lexicon after being chosen by Josh Morrow, the star of “The Young and Restless” for his son. It joined the U.S.

9. Davey:

Some parents may find this option morbid as Davey Jones is the name of the sailor’s devil, but we think this variation of David sounds totally hip. It’s also tied with the English pro wrestler, Davey Boy Smith.

10. Drake:

No, we are not talking about rapper Drake here. We’re referring to Sir Francis Drake, the noted sailor who circumnavigated the world from year 1577 to 1580.

11. Duffle:

What do you get by shortening duffle, the sea bag that contains personal things of the sailor? A cool name or nickname for a baby boy.


Meaning ‘son of the sea’, Dylan would make a perfect Ocean name for your offspring. In the Welsh mythology, Dylan is the hero associated with the sea.

13. Erasmus:

This Greek name, meaning ‘beloved or desire’, would be a bold and audacious pick for your son. It’s the name of the 4th century patron saint of sailors, who was also known by the name Elmo.

14. Eric:

Eric the Red was the Norse navigator who discovered Greenland way back in the 10th century. This Old Norse name, meaning ‘eternal ruler’, has been widely in use despite being inherently noble in disposition. It has a distinct Nordic flavor and a strong Germanic sound.

15. Ferdinand:

Ferdinand Magellan was the first explorer to circumnavigate the globe. This royal Spanish name, also associated with Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”, might sound a bit heavy to the ears in the 21st century. In that case, you can opt for its Dutch version Dinand or the short form Ferdie.

16. Fisher:

One of the most straightforward names in this category, Fisher, meaning ‘fisherman’, is a part of the trend of using surnames as last names. This moniker is currently on the #862 spot for boys.

17. Hawkins:

How can we forget Jim Hawkins from “Treasure Island” when talking about nautical names for boys? Hawkins is originally an English surname first used in the 11th century in England.

18. Hurley:

Hurley, the Irish name, meaning ‘sea tide’, would look great in the middle spot. There are high chances of Hurley joining the gang of trendy names for girls. Its namesake is Andrew John Hurley, the drummer of Fall Out Boy’s band.

19. Jack:

In the nautical world, Jack Tar, is a slang for sailors wearing overall and hats made of tarpaulin cloth. Jack, meaning ‘God is gracious’, started as a nickname for John and James, but has become a well-established first name now.

20. Jacques:

This moniker is reminiscent of Jacques Cousteau, one of the first undersea explorers and a marine conservationist. Jacques is a French version of James and Jacob and means ‘supplanter’. We feel Jacques is a strong, masculine, yet pleasant sounding name.

21. James:

One of the best sailors and explorers of all time, James Cook was a British navigator, explorer, and the ship captain of the Royal Navy. He’s credited with discovering New Zealand and the Great Barrier Reef of Australia. James means ‘supplanter’.

22. Jason:

Jason was the name of Greek mythological sailor who went in quest for the Golden Fleece. And in the Bible, Jason was one of the early Christians renowned for his hospitality with St. Paul. Currently on the 86th spot of the U.S. Social Security Administration list, Jason means ‘to heal’.

23. Kai:

This unisex Hawaiian name, meaning ‘sea’ has been a lot of buzz lately in the baby name world. It’s currently at #199 spot for boys and #915 for girls.

24. Leif:

Leif, son of Eric the Red, was also a renowned sailor and navigator of his time. And just like his father’s name, even Leif has a regal feel to it. It’s an Old Norse name and means ‘descendant or heir’.

25. Marino:

This Italian moniker, meaning ‘of the sea’ has tremendous crossover possibilities. It has a number of notable namesakes like Dan Marino, the football quarterback and Marino Marini, the Italian sculptor.

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