49 Best And Unique Twin Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Names With Similar Meaning:

  • Aarushi- Ahaana (1st rays of sun)
  •  Aarzoo- Aakansha (desire)
  •  Aashi- Aashita (happiness)
  •  Clarisa- Leonara (bright)
  •  Alice- Freya (noble)
  •  Karishma- Kashish (attractive)
  • Aadhaya- Aakarsha (powerful)
  • Anshika- Anwika (a part)
  •  Aasha- Aashita (hope)
  •  Mohini- Menaka (beautiful)
  •  Amisha- Ananya (beautiful)
  •  Charu- Charvi (beautiful)
  •  Deepa – Deepika (light)
  •  Sampada-Sampatti (wealth)
  •  Aaarzo- Aakanksha (desire)
  •  Garima – Anita (graceful)
  •  Hema- Hemakshi (golden eyed)
  •  Madhubala- Mansi (a sweet girl)
  •  Meghana- Megha (cloud)
  •  Avantika- Rani (queen)
  •  Scarlett-Penelope: Red

Names Associated With Nature:

  •  Esta -Tara (both meaning “star”)
  •  Storm – Salena (meaning “moon”)
  •  Meadow – Amaya (meaning “night rain”)
  •  Diana- Rishima (Moon Goddess)
  •  Celine- Luna (Moon)

Spiritual Sounding Names:

  •  Trinity -Nevaeh (“Heaven” spelled backwards – a popular trend of late)
  •  Devangi- Devyanshi (divine)
  •  Devina- Devika (goddess)
  •  Sita- Vaidehi (name of wife of Lord Ram)
  • Aaradhna- Aarti (worship)

Sanskrit Names:

Sanskrit names have thoughtful meanings. Naming of a child is the most fundamental Hindu “sanskar” or scripture based tradition. Hindus select names such that their meaning can inspire the child to follow the path of righteousness and divine qualities. Here are a few twin baby girl names hindu, that work in pair wonderfully.

  •  Abhaya-Akshita (Fearless- Wonder girl)
  •  Ambar-Divya (The sky- Divine)
  •  Amrita-Dhara (Spiritual holy water- Constant flow)
  •  Jyotsna-Swara (Radiant like flames- Self shining)
  •  Mohini-Shreya (Most beautiful)

Happy Sounding Names:

Who doesn’t want their child to be happy always? A happy sounding name will always inspire your princesses to spread more happiness around!

  • Farrah-Muskaan (One who smiles)
  • Anandi – Aeisha (One who is happy)

Flora Inspired Names:

Flowers have that special feminine touch about them, which is generally associated with girls. Here are a few names referring to the gracefulness of a girl!

  •  Aboli- Kusum (Flower)
  •  Daisy-Voilet (Flower)
  •  Ketki- Juhi (Flower)

Celebrity Inspired Names:

Celebrity naming- is the latest trend. Many believe naming their child after some favorite or famous celebrity may bring good luck and inspiration to their kids. Also it holds a pinch of style statement!

  1. Paris-Norah (gorgeous- shining light)
  2. Karishma-Kareena (attractive-pure)
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