49 Most Popular Exotic Names For Baby Boy

49 Most Popular Exotic Boy Names:

1. Avel:

Avel is the Russian version of the Hebrew name Abel.

2. Axel:

Axel is a Danish name meaning ‘father of peace’. The popularity of this name has been rising steadily.

3. Phoenix:

Name your kid after a mythical bird that rose from ashes. It will inspire hope and idealism in your child. The name is both classic and exotic.

4. Zane:

Do you love the name John, but prefer something unique for your child? Then you can consider Zane, a Hebrew version of John. The name means ‘Gift of God’.

5. Jett:

The name Jett comes from a black semi-precious stone Jade. The name is perfect if you are an adventure freak and an exotic boy names too.

6. Mekhi:

If you like the name Michael, but want a twist, then name your child Mekhi.

7. Rasmus:

Rasmus is a variation of the ancient name Erasmus. Erasmus was a Dutch philosopher of Estonia, Finland.

8. Ren:

Ren is a unisex name popular in Japan. It means water lily.

9. Santiago:

Santiago is a Spanish name meaning “Saint James”. The name is very popular among Hispanic and Argentinean parents. Santiago is also a place.

10. Sem:

Sem is a favorite name among the Dutch. It is a variation of the Biblical name Shem, who was the son of Noah. Sem is an alternative to Sam.

11. Thijs:

The pronunciation of this name is way simpler than its spelling suggests. The name Thijs rhymes with nice. Thijs is very popular in Netherlands.

12. Rocco:

Rocco is an Italian name that is among the top 500 names for baby boys. Even though the name Rocco means rest, it does not sound sleepy at all.

13. Lars:

Americans see this Scandinavian name as old-fashioned, but Lars is very popular in Sweden, Netherlands, and Belgium.

14. Lazar:

The name Lazar is a version of the name Eleazar, which means ‘God helps’. The name is very popular in Serbia. The other forms of Lazar-Laszlo, Lazaro, and Lazarus are also popular in the United States.

15. Leon:

Leon may not be very popular in other places, but is a top name in Germany. With the resurgence of lion related name, even this one has a chance. This name comes in the category of exotic names for boys.

16. Devin:

The exotic baby boy names get more unique. Devin is an exotic name with an utterly romantic sound. It is a great choice if you are looking for a unique and cool name for your child. It means ‘helper’.

17. Linus:

Don’t you think Linus is a musical name? Linus is a mythological name popular in Finland.

18. Bran:

Bran is a cool and exotic name that does not sound over the top. The name is easy to spell too. The meaning of Bran is ‘raven’.

19. Luca:

Lucan is a popular name in Europe. It is a substitute for Lucas and Luke. Luca is a unisex name.

20. Mathis:

If you are looking for an uncommon variation of Mathew, then you can consider Mathis. You need to pronounce it as Mat-Tees.

21. Milan:

If you are a fashion lover, then you can name your child Milan. Milan is the name of Italy’s fashion capital. The name is popular in Belgium and Rome.

22. Ethan:

If you are looking for a name with a spiritual background, then Ethan will make a great choice. The Biblical exotic boy baby names means ‘the gift of the island’.

23. Per:

If you want a short and sweet name for your boy, then you can opt for Per, the variation of the name Peter. The name is simple yet exotic, an amazing combination.

24. Akio:

The name Akio has a beautiful sound and an interesting meaning. It means ‘a bright man’.

25. Zenon:

Zenon is a variation of the name Zeno. It is a Greek name related to Zeus, the supreme God in Greek mythology. The name means ‘great thinker’.

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