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49 Uncommon Old Fashioned Baby Girl Names

Top 49 Beautiful Old Fashioned Girl Names:

1. Stella:

Stella sees an enormous surge in popularity since the last decade. It has a balance of sass and refinement. The most popular namesake of this name of our times is Stella McCartney, a British designer. The meaning of this Italian name is ‘star’.

2. Hazel:

The name Hazel in an old take on evocative color names like Violet, Indigo, and Sienna. But it’s a serious name and does not give any scope for nicknames. Who needs a nickname when you have such a cute name already? The meaning of Hazel is ‘hazelnut tree’.

3. Adeline:

This charming name has been a winner ever since it was introduced the first time. Modern parents love this less dowdy sounding name. Addie or Addy will make the best nicknames for this sprightly and sweet name.

4. Scarlet:

Don’t you think that the fashion in the Victorian Era was simply amazing? So were the Victorian names. Scarlet is one of those names that have stood the test of time.

5. Lillian:

Lillian is a matronly sounding name that has made a strong comeback to the baby name’s word. This antique, floral name means ‘lily flower.’ Even Mart McCormack named her daughter Lillian.

6. Betsy:

The moment we hear the name Betsy, a cute little girl, wearing big hoop and fitted top comes to our mind. The meaning of this lovely name is ‘God is satisfaction’.

7. Bernadette:

Can you guess who made this name popular? It’s Howard’s girlfriend from the show “Big Bang Theory”.

8. Clara:

Unlike its early contemporaries, Clara is a name that has always found appeal with parents of all generations. This soft and sweet name is reminiscent of Claire. The meaning of Clara is ‘bright and clear’.

9. Eli:

Like its cousins Elijah and Elias, Eli is also a vintage name. Currently, it’s on a major upswing. We are seeing a big-time growth in the name Eli over the last few decades.

10. Amelia:

This old-fashioned variation of the ever-popular Emily is far more distinctive than its source. It is the most sophisticated; a-ending that makes it sound so cool.

11. Naomi:

Naomi is one of the few names that give a sense of determination and strength when you call it out. It has associations with some of the most beautiful women, Naomi Campbell, and Naomi Watts being a few of them. Naomi means ‘pleasant.’

12. Elizabeth:

Popular decades ago, Elizabeth disappeared for a while, but made a strong comeback last year. It has a sophisticated, elegant and has a timeless appeal to it. The meaning of Elizabeth is ‘my God is abundance’.

13. Charlie:

In the olden days, parents would use Charlie for their boys, but today, the name is more common in girls than boys. The name has a sort of playfulness, something that you won’t find in many old fashioned names. The meaning of the Charlie is ‘strong’.

14. Alice:

Alice does sound old-fashioned, but has a dainty vibe to it. And even after several decades of being out of favor, it is on an upswing with the parents. The meaning of Alice is ‘noble’.

15. Olive:

The name Olive had completely fallen out of style, but is now on the rise. Currently, it is one of the top ten classic names. Olive has an appeal, a style of its own. The meaning of Olive is ‘olive tree’.

16. Rose:

Rose is one of those names that straddles between old and new effortlessly. And with nature and floral names gaining popularity, we bet more of an upsurge in store for this name.

17. Nora:

This retro name got a boost from the popular singer Norah Jones. Nora has more gravitas than most of the a-ending retro names.

18. Sophia:

The name Sophia was very popular amongst the European royals in the middle ages. Its popularity increased manifolds with the arrival of the German Hanover monarchy. This name is a Greek word for virtue.

19. Emma:

Emma is a quintessential feminine name coming from the Germanic origin. It’s believed to be a derivative for Emily, Emmeline and Emily. The name Emma dropped in popularity during the40s, but bounced back in the late 90s.

20. Charlotte:

Charlotte, meaning free woman, was one of the royal names of the bygone era. You can shorten the name Charlotte in a number of ways like Charlie, Char or Lotta.

21. Aubrey:

Aubrey is a unisex retro name, but we’d suggest you to use it for your baby girl as it has a feminine appeal to it. The meaning of Aubrey is ‘Elf ruler.

22. Alma:

This lovely Victorian name has many positive meanings in different languages. It means ‘good’ in Celtic, ‘apple’ in Persian and ‘loving’ in Swedish.

23. Blanche:

This French, retro name is anything but boring. Meaning ‘white’, Blanche has a sophistical Victorian flair.

24. Clara:

The name Clara evokes the sweetness and delicateness of the past era. The meaning of this beautiful name is ‘bright and clear’.

25. Cora:

Just like its cousin Nora, even Cora is on the rise. It reminds us of Lady Cora Grantham from the DDC series “Downtown Abbey”. The meaning of this Greek name is ‘light’.

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