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49 Unusual And Weird Baby Girl Names You Have Never Heard Of

49 Weird Girl Names:

1. Nevaeh:

That looks like an interesting name, doesn’t it? Look closely – That’s the reverse way to spell heaven! It may be difficult to accept, but Neveah is a very popular baby girl name these days!

2. Zuly:

A fancy way to spell July? Well, we don’t know what Zuly means, but it is definitely a legitimate name!

3. Violina:

Somebody took their love for music too far! Interesting, to say the least!

4. Hallelujah:

Seven parents call their daughter Hallelujah. What were they thinking? We don’t have a clue!

5. Oceana:

Okay, so somebody is a water person and loves the ocean. Is that a good enough reason to name their daughter Oceana? You be the judge.

6. Empriss:

We all agree that a little girl is daddy’s princess. But that does not mean you should name her a fancier form of Empress!

7. Nixon:

Once infamous, the name Nixon is now making a comeback – as a little girl’s name!

8. Goddess:

That’s seriously not a good idea for a name, in our books. But 16 little girls had this name in 2013!

9. Price Or Pryce:

We have no words to describe or analyze this name. As a second name, it still makes some sense, but as a first name? Not a good idea.

10. Amillion:

That’s ‘a million’, without any spaces. Yes, your child is one in a million, but that does not make this name a good choice.

11. Desire:

Why would anybody want their innocent daughter to be called Desire? But there are about 86 little girls with this very name wondering what their parents were thinking.

12. Delicia:

More than weird, Delicia as a name sounds gross! Little girls are innocent, wonderful, playful, but never delicious. They are not food!

13. Allegra:

Does this name ring a bell? Well, it is a medicine to treat seasonal allergies. How and when it became a good idea for a name, we’ll never know.

14. Pistol:

How many people do you know with a name as unique (read – weird) as Pistol? Not many, we are sure! But there are nine little Pistols, who’ll have a tough time finding a job with their name. This is the weird girl names!

15. Kale:

Another one in the weird baby girl names category. Why, just why would anyone name his or her daughter after a vegetable? Maybe in the hope that she will grow up to be healthy!

16. Unique:

Everyone wants a unique name for their daughter, and we can understand that sentiment. But the logic behind naming a baby ‘Unique’ is beyond our comprehension.This one is again a weird girl name!

17. Marvelous:

We all want our kids to be marvelous in everything they do. That still doesn’t make Marvelous a name. It is a trait. The weird girls names just get interesting as we go on!

18. Modesty:

Teach your daughter modesty, by all means.Just don’t name her Modesty!

19. Oktober:

The parents must have chosen the birth month as a name! Why didn’t we think of it before?

20. Birdie:

Birdie as a nickname sounds pretty cute. But it is not fit to be a first name – not today, not ever.

21. Canyon:

This weird girl name is extremely unusual.Nature can play muse for names. That still doesn’t make Canyon a good idea for a baby name.

22. Sundae:

As in ice cream sundae! Can’t deny the fact that sundaes are an object of desire for this writer, but it is still a weird name!

23. Bentley:

The car Bentley is a thing of beauty. But it is the name of a car and should remain so!

24. Thinn:

The name is taking the love for fitness to a whole new level! A great way to push a girl towards anorexia!

25. Moxie Crimefighter:

Celebrities can get away with giving their kids obnoxiously stupid names. Penn Jillette and Emily Zolten thought it was a good idea, so we’ll go along with them.

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