49 Worst Baby Names History Ever Had

25 Worst Girl Names:

1. Hellzel:

Combination names are never a good idea, and this name just proves that. The Reddit user states that the mother liked the name Hazel, but the father was a biker and loved Hells Angel.

2. Ahmiracle:

Nearly 800 girls are named Miracle every year. Then you have Ahmiracle, along with Lamiracles and Jamiracles. We know that a baby is no less than a miracle for parents, but why make it so obvious.

3. Anna…:

Anna is such a beautiful and graceful name. It’s one of our favorites too! But what’s with the ellipsis? What word, sentence, and section did the parents omit from her name? We’re curious!

4. I’munique:

This is one of our favorite worst baby girl names. One Reddit user, who happens to be a banker in North Florida, found this name on her list. And it belongs to a girl.

5. Baby Girl:

Now how did this name happen? Were the parents too lazy to think a name for their girls? Or they thought this name has a nice ring to it?

6. Britney Shakira Beyoncé:

Don’t rub your eyes. This name belongs to one person. The parents were huge fans of these three singers and couldn’t decide whom to name their daughter after.

7. Love-child Ermengarde:

It couldn’t get more explicit that this! The hippie parents wanted to include the mother’s grandmother’s name to their child’s name. So they named their daughter Love-child Ermengarde.

8. Elizabreth:

No, this isn’t a typo in any way. Parents had actually chosen this name for their baby. Don’t you think it sounds like ‘Lizard Breath’? A Reddit user pointed the same.

9. Aliviyah:

A good name gone wrong. We truly do not understand what parents get by changing the traditional spelling of a name. Aliviyah is the “creative spelling” of Olivia.

10. Nevaeh:

It would be difficult for most of you to understand the meaning behind this name. But we are here to help you out. Write HEAVEN in large letters on a piece of paper and stand in front of the mirror.

11. Beberly:

This is probably a spelling mistake of Beverly. That’s what we want to think. Do not tell us it was deliberate. Just don’t. We might just lose our hope in humanity.

12. Little Sweetmeat:

We have no words to express our disappointment for this name. If you are still considering of calling your child ‘Little Sweetmeat,’ think out the ramifications it could bring.

13. Abcde:

We cannot even believe that it is a real name. What’s more surprising is that there are 328 people in the United States named Abcde, the majority being girls. In the year 2009 alone, 32 babies were given this alphabetical name.

14. Merica:

As if, America was not funny enough. This must have been chosen by some patriotic parents, thinking that with this name, their baby would make America great again.

15. Jerica:

What could be the possible origin of this name? The parents loved the name Jessica, but could not do without Erica as well?

16. Kaizyle:

This one’s a dizzy doozy name. The mother loved the name Paisley, but thought it was too ordinary and normal. So she selected the name Kaizyle as it rhymes with Paisley.

17. Orgasm:

This name was heard from the daughter of a labor and delivery nurse. She said that she had heard an abundance of terrible baby names, but this one is the worst of all.

18. North West:

Sorry Kim, but we had to include this on our list. This directional name just doesn’t look right. It would have worked if they had chosen a different surname.

19. Appaloosa:

We think that the parents were huge fans of Ed Harris that they decided to name their child after the 2008 movie of the same name. But dear parents, there is a huge difference between a film title and a baby name.

20. Panthy:

Panthy sounds like panty, isn’t it? Or maybe the parents had a strong love for big cats. Highly unappealing, we must say. And it would even make the child the butt of all jokes.

21. Reighleigh:

The mother had turned the simple spelling Riley to Reighleigh. Why? Because ‘g’ and ‘h’ were her favorite letters. How’s the poor baby going to spell the name in her elementary school?

22. Harley Quinn:

Harley is cute and rhythmic, but why Harley Quinn? Anybody can guess that it’s named after the antagonist of DC comics. What could be next? Joker? Or Maybe, Batman.

23. Melanomia:

This is sad. Very sad. How can a parent name his daughter Melanomia, which is a form of skin cancer that can spread to other parts of the body if not undetected? We hope the parents realize their mistake and change the name.

24. Vejonica:

A Reddit user states that his friend’s sister-in-law, working in a maternity ward was named Vejonica. Upon further inspection, it was found that the baby was named after her grandparents, named John and Veronica.

25. Heaven Lee:

This is hilarious. Did the parents not know the spelling of heavenly? Or is Lee the family name of the baby. Maybe it is, but the combination sounds very funny.

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