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50 Uncommon Old Fashioned Baby Boy Names

26. Enoch:

Here’s a name for the “Boardwalk Empire” fans out there. Deriving from Hebrew origin, the name Enoch means ‘dedicated.’

27. Cassius:

Cool and whimsical, Cassius is one of the names that can never go out of trend. It’s a playful name for your young boy.

28. Samson:

A whole slew of historical figures have sported this moniker, and it still sounds as good as new. You can shorten it to Sam if you want.

29. Francis:

Francis is another evergreen, old name. Even Brooke Shields used the name Francis as the middle name for her daughter.

30. Frederick:

Cool and dignified Fredrick is another name to consider for your little one.

31. Augustine:

Augustine, a unisex name will make a beautiful name, no matter the gender of your baby.

32. Ephraim:

Here’s an unique old fashioned baby name for your little prince. Coming from a Hebrew word, Ephraim sounds refined and classy.

33. Abraham:

Abraham, the first of the Old Testament patriarchs, was the founding father of the Jewish. It means ‘father of multitudes.’

34. Albert:

The name Albert remained in vogue for over a hundred years, but with a studious and serious image. And it’s still in fashion.

35. Calvin:

Calvin is a retro, yet quirky name that’s been occupying a safe place on the top 100 list since the 20th century.

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