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52 Exclusive Warlock, Wizard, And Witch Names For Your Baby

52 Warlock And Witch Names For Girls:

1. Agnes:

Agnes Waterhouse, also known as Mother Waterhouse, was and is one of the most famous witches England has ever seen. She was accused of some really heinous crimes such as cursing people, dallying with the devil, and causing multiple deaths through black magic.

2. Alice:

Dame Alice Kyteler, a wealthy woman whose husbands had the habit of dying and leaving everything to her, was one of the first witches of Ireland. In the year 1324, the church put Alice on trial for heading a society of sorcerers and having associations with an incubus.

3. Alizon:

The name Alizon refers to Pendle Witches, a group of healer women, hanged in the year 1612. Alizon, along with her mother Elizabeth and grandmother Demdike, were arrested on the charges of witchcraft.

4. Angela:

Angela de la Barthe was one of the most notorious witches of the 13th century. She was burned by the people for committing atrocious deeds, which included giving birth to a snake-wolf demon, which supposedly ate children of the area.

5. Bessie:

Bessie Dunlop was a Scottish psychic and a witch who did not just have the power to cure sick children and animals, but also commune the fairies of Elphame. But the witch hunters of that era couldn’t stand a woman like Bessie, so they tortured her and even slashed her mouth while interrogating until she confessed to her magic.

6. Cassandra:

The exotic name Cassandra, belonging to the mythological Trojan princess given the gift of prophecy by Apollo, could also make a perfect witchy name for your wee one.

7. Circe:

If you want something quirky and charming for your daughter, Circe is the one for you. In the Greek mythology, Circe, Helios’ daughter, was a witch and a sorceress who turned men into animals using her magic wand.

8. Evanora:

This beautiful and unique name Evanora belongs to the main antagonist in the Land of Oz, the Wicked Witch of the East. Evanora is an old and malevolent woman who captured and tyrannized the Munchkin Country in Oz.

9. Glinda:

Literature lovers must be familiar with Glinda as the name of the Good Witch in the book and movie “Wizard of Oz”. The name is purely literary as it was invented by the author of the book, L. Frank Baum for.

10. Gwen:

Gwenna, Gwennie, Gwendoline – there are plenty of ways you can use the name of Gwen Ellis, the first woman to be hanged for witchcraft. Gwen Ellis was originally a healer and herbalist, a practice which was acceptable until a paranoid fear of witches and witchcraft began to sweep through Europe.

11. Jadis:

Jadis, the name of the White Witch from C.S. Lewis’ “Narnia Chronicles”, is believed to have been derived from the French word jadis, meaning ‘long ago’ or Persian word jadu, which means ‘witch’.

12. Joan:

Joan Peterson, a healer of medieval times, was believed to have learned the curing powers from a walking squirrel. But when a patient refused to pay her for her services, Joan cursed him, after which he fell into strange fits and ravaged like a madman.

13. Laurie:

Our list of witch and warlock baby names would have been incomplete without mentioning Laurie Cabot, one of the influential forces in popularizing wizardry and witchcraft in the US. Today, Cabot is one of the high profile witches in the entire world. The name Laurie is a diminutive of Laura and means ‘bay laurel’.

14. Leanne:

Leanne Marrama, the high priestess of the Raven Moon Coven, is one of the most sought after sorcerers or psychic readers at the Annual Psychic Fair held in Salem. The meaning of Leanne is ‘dweller by the wood’.

15. Locasta:

Locasta is a literary name belonging to the Good Witch of the North in the “Wizard of Oz” book. It was Locasta who introduced Dorothy to Oz and sent her to meet the Wizard after placing a protective kiss on her forehead.

16. Maleficent:

If you have a knack for bold and distinctive names you can go with Maleficent, the name of the witch from Sleeping Beauty. The meaning of Maleficent is ‘prone to evil’.

17. Margaret:

Margaret Barclay, a witch of the 18th century, was said to possess magical powers that could control the weather. And by this power, she wrecked ships and conjured storm.

18. Margery:

If you want your daughter to have a strong role model, you can name her after Margery Jourdemayne, the real life medieval witch, also known as the Old Mother Madge.

19. Mary:

Mary Poppins has to be the coolest, sweetest, and kindest of all the witches in the universe. She is kind, nurturing, understanding, and loves Jane and Michael as her own children.

20. Medea:

In the Greek mythology, Medea was an enchantress who helped Jason, the leader of Argonauts, obtain the Golden Fleece from her father.

21. Minerva:

Minerva, a long neglected name of the Roman goddess of invention and wisdom, got a new lease of life when it featured in the “Harry Potter” series.

22. Moll:

In the 17th century, Moll Dyer was a herbal healer and outcast, who was eventually accused of witchcraft and burnt on a cold night. Moll is a pet form of the name Mary and means ‘bitter’. You can also use it as an alternative to Molly.

23. Morgan:

In the Arthurian legend, Morgan le Fay was a powerful witch, enchantress and the antagonist of King Arthur. Morgan was initially a practitioner of magic.

24. Phoebe:

Phoebe, the lead of the “Charmed” series, is one of the most powerful on-screen witches of all time. And her most intriguing power is the power of premonition, which helps her see into the past and future.

25. Rita:

Rita Replusa from the “Power Rangers” is a humanoid evil witch bent on galactic domination. As a powerful sorceress, Rita has conquered a number of worlds in the universe, and now she wants to gain prominence on Earth.

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