52 Preppy Baby Girl And Boy Names

52 Cute Preppy Girl Names:

1. Blythe:

The name Blythe embodies a carefree and cheerful spirit, making it a part of other lighthearted names like Hilary and Felicity. And, you know what, it’s an advantage? It’s clearly pink.

2. Tilly:

Here’s a cute and preppy name for your daughter. There are several origins of this name. Some believe that this name originates from French and means ‘mighty in war.’

3. Scarlett:

You will most probably find preppy Scarlett hanging out at the country club or marina. In a Margaret Mitchell’s novel, Scarlett was the name of the main character’s grandmother.

4. Plum:

Everybody lost their mind when Gwyneth Paltrow named her daughter Apple, but as you move a few fruits down the aisle, you will find the delicious Plum, which is considered a swanky, upper-class British name. Remember the famous author Plum Sykes?

5. Serena:

The Latin name Serena may mean ‘peaceful’, but the name packs a powerful punch. Thank the tennis superstar Serena Williams for that.

6. Poppy:

Poppy is an endearing floral moniker that’s being used as a female name since the 19th century. The name topped the Wales and England baby name list in the year 2013.

7. Bunny:

Bunny is a cutesy name ideal for someone who aspires to be a homecoming or club queen. Typically preppy, you see!

8. Catherine:

Catherine is of the oldest and most used baby names with a variety of nicknames and variations like Katherine, Kathryn and much more.

9. Ellison:

Ellison started as a male name, but became popular in the United States as a female name. The meaning of Ellison is ‘son of Elder’. While it’s totally up to you whom you would want to bestow this on, we think it would suit baby girls more.

10. Buffy:

Before the hit television series, “Buffy the Vampire”, the name Buffy was strictly reserved for the country-club set. Today, Buffy can be anyone, a comic book fan or a young girl in tennis sweater.

11. Bitsy:

Bitsy is the short form of Elizabeth. Unlike the classic moniker Betsy, Bitsy would work best on a preppy and petite girl.

12. Taylor:

In the late 90s, the brisk and clean Taylor swept in the wave of the gender-switching name. It is now regarded as the trendy and preppy name for young girls.

13. Blair:

From the Gossip Girl to the Facts of Life, Blair is the ultimate preppy girl name. In Wales and England. Blair is extremely popular for girls, sitting well on the top 200 list.

14. Audrey:

The preppy name Audrey has been rising the list due to its connection with the classic Hollywood actress, Audrey Hepburn. Celebrities like Steve Zahn, Greg Kinnear, and Faith Hill used this name for their daughters.

15. Courtney:

This name conjures the image of a girl with slick, long hair, wearing knee socks and penny loafers. Even the incredible Courtney Love could not remove the preppiness of this name.

16. Sterling:

Meaning ‘little star, Sterling would make a perfect name for the apple of your eyes. The name Sterling is the American variation of Stirling, coming from the Middle English word sterrling.

17. Sloane:

Sloane is a perfect name for a preppy girl. The origin of this name is fascinating. It is a variation of Sloan, connected to the Sloane Square, where the young and fashionable upper-class women were likely to reside.

18. Reed:

Reed is another preppy name used mostly as a surname centuries. The name comes from an Old English word, meaning ‘red’ and was often given to women with ruddy complexion or red hair.

19. Arabella:

This lovely name just flows off the tongue. We’re not quite sure about its origin. Some say it’s the altered form of Annabel. The meaning of Arabella is ‘yielding to prayer’.

20. Amelia:

This lovely Victorian name is a great alternative to Amanda or Emily. It emerged as the top English name in the year 2011. The meaning of Amelia is ‘work’.

21. Caroline:

This feminine variation of Charles is a perennial classic. It has been in the top 100 since 1994, which is pretty impressive for a preppy name.

22. Harper:

Harper is a chic and fashionable preppy name for baby girls. It jumped from obscurity to the top of the popularity list in less than a decade. The meaning of Harper is ‘harp player’.

23. Helena:

Helena is the dainty and delicate version of Helen, a Shakespearean favorite. Historically, Helena was Constantine, the Great’ mother.

24. Addison:

Addison is a lovely baby girl name, meaning ‘child of Adam.’ It’s a classy name with an appealing ring to it.

25. Victoria:

The name Victoria is an embodiment of refinement and gentility. It reflects the image of longest reigning British queen.

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