52 Ultimate Baby Names That Mean New Beginning And Rebirth

Top Baby Names That Mean New Beginning And Rebirth For Girls:

1. Alba:

The name Alba has made a comeback and how, all thanks to the actress Jessica Alba.

2. Amaryllis:

If you like showy, flower names, which signify new beginnings, you can consider Amaryllis, Greek for ‘new and fresh’.

3. Anastasia:

Anastasia meaning ‘resurrection or rebirth’ was once a forbidding regal Russian name.

4. Aurora:

Latin name Aurora, meaning ‘dawn’, exemplifies new beginning. It’s obtained from the name of the Roman goddess of sunrise whose tears turned into dew.

5. Ausra:

This beautiful name, meaning ‘dawn’, is one of the most popular names for baby girls in contemporary Lithuania.

6. Avil:

Avil, meaning ‘renewal’, is a fresh spin of common names such as Aviva or Avril. In the US, the name is freshly back in the top 1000 list after a hiatus of three decades.

7. Ayelet:

This unusual and slightly challenging Hebrew name, meaning ‘dawn’, sounds familiar today all because of the Jerusalem-born novelist Ayelet Waldman.

8. Chae-Won:

Korean name Chae-Won, meaning ‘beginning’, will make an unusual and unique name for your baby girl.

9. Dagny:

If you’re looking for a moniker with Scandinavian roots or want to pay tribute to a Scandinavian ancestor, Dagny meaning ‘new day or new beginning’, would make an appealing pick.

10. Dawn:

There could be no better name than Dawn if you’re looking for a name with a strong sense of new beginning. It started off well but began to dwindle soon after.

11. Eos:

Here’s yet another unusual choice for your little baby. Eos, the name of Greek goddess of dawn, is ancient name but has a modern and sleek feel to it.

12. Fatiha:

Arabic name Fatiha, meaning ‘beginning or first’, is widespread in several Middle Eastern and African countries. All in all, Fatiha is an interesting and attractive naming option.

13. Genesis:

Genesis, the name of the first book of the Bible may sound contemporary, but it isn’t as original and recent as you may think. It’s been used for both boys and girls for decades.

14. Iola:

The name Iola, meaning ‘violet dawn’, is quite dated, considering it was last heard on Carol Burnett Mama’s Family show.

15. Kia:

Kia is a sweet and straightforward name of African origins, meaning ‘new beginnings or season’s beginning’. Drawn from the old books, this antiquated name feels just perfect for modern times.

16. Neoma:

Neoma, meaning ‘new moon’, is a rare variant of Noami, which has experienced a flurry of usage in the last four decades.

17. Nova:

The moniker Nova, meaning ‘new’, has made a strong comeback in recent years. It soared over 300 spots since 2013 and currently sits on one of the top names in the 200 list.

18. Nyssa:

Nyssa, a fairly common Greek name, meaning ‘new beginning’, has a global appeal, which would fit well in America and its surrounding regions.

19. Oriana:

This strong and exotic name, meaning ‘dawn’, has a literary cred to it. In the medieval tales, Oriana was the name of knight Amadis’ beloved.

20. Raanana:

This lovely Hebrew name, with double ‘a’, would make a unique name for your little princess. Meaning ‘fresh and new’, the name signifies the new beginnings in life.

21. Renata:

The name Renata, meaning ‘reborn’, is used widely across Europe symbolizes spiritual rebirth. It is most used in Chile, where it’s the 34th most popular name of all time.

22. Renee:

The name Renee meaning ‘reborn’ is currently in the public eye only because of the famous America actress Renee Zellweger. The variations of this name include Renny, Rene, and Renae.

23. Roxanna:

Roxanna, the name of Alexander the Great’s wife, sounds way more attractive than the commonplace Roxanne.

24. Sahar:

This lilting Arabic name, meaning ‘morning, dawn, or awakening’, was first heard in the Middle East countries, but is now familiar with the Muslim populations of India, Pakistan, and the US as well.

25. Senara:

Senara, meaning ‘dawn’, is one of the rarest and loveliest names in the list. It’s simple, straightforward, and exotic, all at the same time.

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