59 Ancient Roman Baby Names For Girls And Boys

Ancient Roman culture still manages to excite us and elicits feelings of a mystical and ethereal time. Today, though, solely many buildings, some traditions, and legends stay. And, the remnants of the once deluxe empire conjointly embrace her names.

Many people still like giving their young ‘uns a Roman name. So, if you’re thinking on a similar lines, or just winnowing through the choices, our assortment of some illustrious Ancient Roman baby names for boys and women is certain to assist you.

Ancient Roman Baby Names For Girls:

1. Aelia

It is an ancient Roman name for girls, and the name originates from a Greek word ‘helios’ that means Sun. It was the family name of the famed Roman emperor Hadrian.

2. Alba

The name comes from the Latin word Albus that means “white and bright”. If you want your little angel’s future to be bright and prosperous, you can call her by that name.

3. Albina

Feminine form of Albinus. The names became popular after Saint Albinus, who was the bishop of Angers in Brittany.

4. Antonia

The feminine name became famous after Marcus Antonius, who was one of the notable people in Roman history.

5. Aquila

The name means eagle in Latin, and it describes the positive attributes of wilderness and courage.

6. Augusta

The feminine form of Augustus, the name originates from the Latin word ‘augere’ meaning great. Augustus was the title given to the first Roman emperor Octavian for his honesty, wisdom, and greatness.

7. Aurelia

It comes from the Latin word ‘aureus’, which means golden or gilded. It was also the name of the famous Roman emperor and philosophical writer, Marcus Aurelius.

8. Balbina

The feminine form of Balbinus, it was the name of the famous Saint Balbina who sacrificed her life with her father, Quirinus.

9. Caecilia

It originates from the Latin word ‘caecus’ meaning blind.Saint Caecilia was a martyr, who refused to pay her eternal devotion to the Roman gods. The saint later became known for her love for music.

10. Camilla

It was the name of the legendary warrior maiden. The name further became popular due to the famed English literary work Fanny Burney’s novel released in 1796.

11. Cassia

It comes from the Latin word Cassius meaning empty. In modern days, the name further became famous as the first name of world-famous boxer Muhammad Ali.

12. Claudia

It originates from the Latin word Claudius meaning ‘lame’.

13. Cornelia

The popular ancient Roman name was borne by Cornelia Scipionis Africana and she was the daughter of Roman hero Scipio Africanus.

14. Decima

The name means tenth and in earlier days the name was borne by the tenth child of the family.

15. Domitia

It comes from the Latin word domitus that means ‘having been tamed’.

16. Fabia

The feminine name originates from the Latin word faba meaning beans. It was the name of the popular Roman general, Quintus Fabius Maximus.

17. Fausta

The feminine form of the name Faustus that means lucky or auspicious.

18. Flavia

It comes from the name Flavius that mean golden haired. If your beautiful daughter possesses yellow hair, you can call her by that name.

19. Hadriana

Hadria is a girl’s name that has two meanings. One is derived from Hadrianus that has a Latin reference and means ‘From Hadria’. Another meaning is ‘Lucky’ or ‘Successful’.

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