59 Strong and Cool Baby Names for boy and girl with Powerful Meanings

Right now robust and funky baby names area unit very hip and today’s oldsters area unit all concerning distinctivenames with powerful meanings!

10 Tips for choosing a name :

Here are some questions I asked myself when picking names for my children. You can rank them in order of priority for your family because not all of them will be as important as others.

  1. Do you want to use a family name or initial?
  2. Does it have a nice meaning to it?
  3. Does it have meaning to us or our family?
  4. Are there nicknames for this name that we want to use or avoid?
  5. Is it too popular?
  6. Is it too unique?
  7. Does the name sound well with your last name?
  8. Are there any negative associations you have with it?
  9. What will his initials be?
  10. What will that name sound like when they’re an adult or professional?

Strong and Cool Names with Powerful Meanings:

      1. Abigail – Joy of the Father
      2. Ace – Number one, the best
      3. Amara – Eternal
      4. Amora – Love
      5. Axel – My Father is Peace
      6. Asher – Blessed and Happy
      7. Aaliyah – Rising
      8. Alessandra – Defender of mankind
      9. Balan – A Knight Of The Round Table
      10. Barke – Barke
      11. Bazyli – King
      12. Callie – Most Beautiful
      13. Caelan – Powerful warrior
      14. Chance – Good Fortune
      15. Creed – Guiding principle; I believe
      16. Dante – Lasting and Enduring
      17. Declan – Full of Goodness
      18. Denzell – Powerful
      19. Edric – power and good fortune
      20. Elliot – Lord is my God.
      21. Esme – Loved
      22. Ethan – Strong and Firm
      23. Faye – Loyalty; confidence
      24. Felix – Happy and Prosperous
      25. Gabriel – Devoted to God; a hero of God
      26. Griffin – Strong Lord
      27. Hannah – Favor; grace of God
      28. Henry – Ruler
      29. Ian – God is gracious

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