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59 Worst Baby Names History Ever Had

26. L’Oreal:

Brand loyalty is good. But naming the child after the brand? That’s a bit too much. The same mommy named her other two child DKNY and Joop. Another mother named her SON Revlon. We’d soon see an Inglot too!

27. Derfla:

The parents of this baby thought they would have a boy and planned to name him after their Uncle Alfred. But they had a girl, and they had to come up with something. So they named her Derfla, which is Alfred backward.

28. Phelony:

That’s felony with a ‘Ph’. We want to know what the mother was thinking when she decided to name her daughter Phelony.

29. Tu Morrow:

Rob Morrow named his daughter Tu Morrow, and we have no idea what Tu means. We can only wish that her class fellows do not serenade her for the name forever.

30. Moxie Crimefighter:

Job descriptions never have and never will work as a proper name. And what are the odds that she would even grow up to be a crimefighter? Penn Jillette should definitely reconsider the name.

29 Worst Baby Names Of Boys:

1. Jihad:

You can’t be serious with this. Elfi Yaghi, named her 14th child Jihad, raising a few eyebrows. Most of you must be knowing that Jihad is an Islamic term for a war waged as a religious duty. The name also means ‘struggling’, which your child probably will be, with a name like this.

2. Clitis:

Believe us, it’s true. A French couple named their child Clitis. When asked the reason, they said they were huge fans of a US actor of this name.

3. Danger:

Yes, Danger is a name borne by some children, and a unisex one. What could be the inspiration behind this name? “Lost in Space”, maybe (Danger, Will Robinson. Danger!)

4. Mhavrych:

Mhavrych is the rendition of the good old’ name Maverick. Trust us; it will not create a good impression on the teacher of your child.

5. Meldor:

Meldor sounds like the name of a character from “The Lord of the Rings”. And no, it was not invented by J.R.R. Tolkien.

6. Colon:

Imagine your child introducing himself to his friends or the interviewer “Hi, I’m Colon”. Do you think it would make a good impression? No, right? There is absolutely no way this name is an awesome choice.

7. Thermopylae:

What on earth is this? Is it the name of a mythical god? Or is it a combination name? Neither! It’s the name of a town in Green, but we doubt that the person with this name would even knew it.

8. Zuma:

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale named their child Zuma, after a beach in Malibu. But we think they don’t know that Zuma is also the diminutive of an awful gastrointestinal condition. And it is also associated with a mocked beverage.

9. Yunique:

This one sounds a little less narcissistic than I’munique. The mother has just changed the spelling of unique in this name. At least, no one would say that Yunique is not distinct.

10. Mercury Constellation Starcruiser:

A Reddit user shared his experience when he was in the navy. He came across a general with the last name, ‘star cruiser’. When he looked up, he found that his full name was Mercury Constellation Starcruiser. This person should ideally be an astronaut.

11. Gotham:

What happens when the terror of the night becomes unbearable for the parents? They start naming their children Gotham. Hollywood is full of movies and television shows that have us rooting for the good guy.

12. Pilot Inspektor:

Even Pilot Inspektor is not even a real job. Then why did Jason Lee opt for this name for his son? Is it because he has a thing for pilots? Or did he want to become a pilot when he was young, but things didn’t work in his favor.

13. Jammy:

Poor parents thought that they were naming their child Jamie. How I wish they had researched on the name on the internet.

14. Like:

This name shows how much social media has affected the lives of people. A young couple was so much obsessed with Facebook that they decided to name their son Like, after the Like feature of Facebook.

15. Mazen:

A mother named her son Mazen because she felt ‘mazen when he was born’. By mazen, she means ‘amazing’. For the nickname, she can shorten it for Maze. Poor kid will remain a mystery throughout his life.

16. Sssst:

Can any of you tell us how this name should be pronounced? Tip- It starts with Four__. A high-risk pregnancy nurse had come across this name in the hospital and it was posted on Reddit by her husband.

17. Rage:

No matter how much anger issues you have, just do not name your child Rage. A girl ran into her ex-boyfriend at the gas station, where he was with his girlfriend and her little baby in the back seat named Rage. Guess who had the last laugh.

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