64 Names That Mean Hunter Or Huntress For Your Fearless Baby

Baby Boy Names That Mean Hunter:

1. Actaeon:

Actaeon is the name of the hunter in Greek mythology who was transformed into a stag and later devoured by his own hounds when he saw goddess Artemis taking a bath.

2. Apsat:

Apsat is one of the pantheon of hunting deities in the mythology followed by the people of Georgia. He’s also a patron of birds and fish, which stems from the fact that the eagle, being a fishing bird, is associated with both water and sky.

3. Arawn:

Arawn, the name of the Welsh God of hunt and underworld, would make a badass name for your son. It is easy to spell and pronounce, and the ‘w’ in it makes it look and sound cooler.

4. Aristaeus:

Aristaeus, son of Apollo and Cyrene, one of the Greek gods of hunting, is also credited with the discovery of useful arts, including bee-keeping.

5. Artemas:

Greek mythological name Artemas has a mythological and historical ring that no history buffs can avoid. Artemas is the masculine version of the name Artemis and means ‘goddess of the hunt’.

6. Canowicakte:

Canowicakte, meaning ‘forest hunter’, is a unique name, but your preschooler may find it difficult to spell. And the pronunciation isn’t easier as well. It could work if you shorten it to Canow or something along the lines.

7. Cernunnos:

Cernunnos is the conventional name of the horned god of hunting in Celtic mythology. He is depicted seated cross-legged, with the antlers of a stag and carrying a purse filled with coins.

8. Chace:

The unusual spelling of the name Chase was introduced by Chace Crawford from “Gossip Girl”. And the mass interest it experienced hasn’t faded since. You can either use it as a variation of Chase or think of it as a combination of names like Chase and Ace.

9. Chase:

You can never hunt without chasing, right? So we had to include this name in our list of baby names meaning hunter. The name was used extensively in the last decade and was even seen in the sitcom “24”.

10. Chasen:

Chasen, which was once strictly a surname, is catching on fast as a first name, especially as an expansion of Hollywood’s favorite name, Chase. And in a way, it’s also following the pattern of two-syllable baby boy’s name.

11. Cocidius:

The name Cocidius, meaning ‘mythical hunter god’, is the mythological god of hunting and war, worshiped in northern Britain. He is portrayed with arms flung wide and legs firmly on the ground.

12. Fowler:

Fowler, a surname used for ‘wild bird hunters’, is now a member of the chic name genre. Besides, it’s also the name of a locality on the Stikine River, British Columbia.

13. Gahiji:

The name Gahiji, originating in Rwanda language, is rhythmically evocative and beautiful. It isn’t used much in the mainstream, so it will make a unique pick for your son. It means ‘the hunter’.

14. Grosvenor:

Grosvenor, meaning ‘great hunter or the master huntsman’, is basically a surname derived from a member of the Norman French family, Hugh Le Grand. The name has an upper-class vibe, making it perfectly peppy.

15. Hearne:

Hearne, meaning ‘mythical hunter’ is rapidly gaining favor, even outside the confines of British and American culture. The charm of this name is that it will work with most surnames.

16. Holter:

Holter, meaning ‘hunter’, is a perfect name for parents who want to retain the ‘hol’ sound, but are tired of the overused name, Holmes. It’s substantial, sassy, smart and is moving up the charts with every passing year.

17. Hunt:

This straightforward name with a clear meaning has been around for a while, but people haven’t responded to it the way they responded to Hunter. Possibly, because it’s a bit blunt and too much into the face. We’d suggest you use Hunt as a nickname instead of a given name.

18. Hunter:

Hunter, sitting pretty with top 50, is the leader of the macho names for boys. What sets it apart from other macho names is its softened masculinity. The name was attached to the journalist Hunter S.

19. Huntingden:

The name Huntingden is cute in an old-fashioned way, yet, it’s bold as a bear, just like its meaning. Huntingden, as the name implies, means ‘den of the hunter’.

20. Huntington:

If you want to give your child a prim and proper name for his birth certificate and resume, you can go for Huntington instead of Hunter. And if you’re too attached to the name Hunter, you can use it as a nickname. The meaning of Huntington is ‘hunter’s settlement’.

21. Huntley:

The moniker Huntley, meaning ‘hunter of the meadow’, is best known for its association with Brinkley’s news partner a few decades ago.

22. Jaecar:

Jaecar, meaning ‘hunter’ in German, is a good and robust choice for a two-syllable names. It may not be experiencing much usage now, primarily because it hasn’t surfaced on the mainstream yet, but whenever it does, it’s sure to score big.

23. Khonvoum:

In Bambuti Pygmy, Khonvoum, the supreme god, and creator, is the god of the hunt. He carries a bow made of snakes, which appears as a rainbow to the mortals. It’s believed that Knovoum created people from different clays and people’s colors were based on the clay’s color.

24. Lelantos:

Lelantos, the son of Ceous and Phoebe, is the god of air and hunter’s skill of stalking prey.

25. Makya:

This short, two syllable name, meaning ‘eagle hunter’, is quite popular with the Native American communities. It’s basically a Native American term used for people who hunted eagles.

26. Mixcoatl:

Mixcoatl is the name of the god of hunt identified with the stars, heavens, and the Milky Way in Mesoamerican cultures.

27. Nodens:

Nodens is a Celtic deity associated with healing and hunting. He is equated with Roman gods – Mercury, Mars, Neptune, and Silvanus. Out of all the hunting gods’ names, Nodens is one of the most accessible.

28. Nyyrikki:

Nyyrikki is the name of the Finnish god of cattle and hunt and the son of Tapio. It was Nyyrikki’s responsibility to provide small animals, such as squirrels, to the hunters. Nyyrikki is also associated with Nimrod, a mighty hunter featured in the Bible.

29. Odin:

Odin, the name of Thor’s father, appears in various forms, including the leader of the Wild Hunt, a procession of the dead through the winter sky. Odin was used as a given name in Norway in the beginning of the 10th century and continues even today.

30. Opochtli:

Opochtli is the name of the god of fishing and hunting in the Aztec mythology. The apostle is quite a unique name and would be difficult to carry in the 21st century. You can shorten it to Opoch if you want.

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