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68 Adorable Baby Girl And Boy Names Meaning Light

41. Chiara:

Chiara is one of the beautiful, romantic Italian girl names that means ‘light/clear’, which isn’t widely used in the US, making it a real winner. It currently holds the 8th rank in Italy and is quite well used in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland as well.

42. Ciana:

Ciana, the diminutive of Lucia, is gaining traction as a given name in many parts of Europe. This Italian name meaning ‘light’ sounds robust and feisty rather than girlish and frilly.

43. Eileen:

This Scottish variation of Helen, meaning ‘light’, has been a surprise riser on the baby name list. After being last popular in the 10th century, Eileen witnessed resurgence in 2012 and climbed hundreds of spots in the year 2015.

44. Eleanor:

Eleanor is supposed to be a variation of Helen, derived from the name Ellen and means ‘light’. This sophisticated and elegant name boasts of three very famous and endearing nicknames – Nell, Nellie and Ellie.

45. Eliora:

This Hebrew name, meaning ‘the Lord is my light’, sounds stylish, lovable, and unusual even after years of usage. It will appeal to parents who are looking for a name with vowel sounds. Another variation of Eliora is Liora.

46. Ellen:

Ellen, which is basically a variation of the name Helen, keeps swinging in and out of style, often alternating with the original name. This moniker was highly popular in the medieval England, but was soon overtaken by Helen again.

47. Faven:

The soft and feminine African name, meaning ‘light’ has returned to favor in a big way after being out of sight for long. And we feel that it will reach even greater heights in the near future.

48. Helena:

Helena, in all its variations is one of the ultimate female names meaning light. This Greek name, meaning ‘shining one and bright’, has been unable to shake off its grandmotherly image, unlike Lillian and Florence.

49. Iliana:

This Spanish moniker is borrowed from the Romanian name Ileana and means ‘ray of light’. It hit the American baby name charts in 1986 with the growth of Hispanic names popular in the country.

50. Ilona:

Ilona, the Hungarian version of Helen, meaning ‘light’, has not been used much in the US, but we have a feeling that it’s a likely candidate for success.

51. Laney:

Laney, the short form of Elaine, may sound modern and unique, but it actually dates back to the late 19th century. It went out of radar soon after and then resurfaced in the late 20th century, all thanks to the movie “She’s All That”.

52. Leora:

Leora, a stately name, meaning ‘light’, has been in and out of fashion for decades, but has never been out of sight entirely. The feminine and straightforward image of the name, combined with royalty hit the perfect note with parents looking for a name that combines style with substance.

53. Lita:

Lita is a vivacious and lightweight name, meaning ‘light’. It even sounds a lot like light, doesn’t it. So if you want a name that directly refers to light, pick Lita without a second thought.

54. Lucia:

If Lucia sounds too informal to you, you can go with Luciana, a beautiful Latin name which was originally given to children born as the daylight was breaking.

55. Lucinda:

This female name, meaning ‘light’, had its heyday in the late 19th century, but declined by the 20th century. It experienced a reversal of fortune in the 1950s and has never looked back since then.

56. Lucy:

Lucy, which is still one of the top 30 names in Wales and England, and has begun to catch up in the US as well, primarily because it looks and sounds attractive on so many levels.

57. Lux:

Lux, also the name of the character played by Kirsten Dunst in “Virgin Suicides”, has been gaining a lot of attention these days. A part of its popularity can also be attributed to Lux, the Lady of Luminosity in “League of Legends”.

58. Luz:

This is one of the most unconventional baby girl names meaning light. This Spanish name references to the Virgin Mary, Our Lady of the Light. This moniker is used extensively in the Hispanic communities of names.

59. Nahara:

Aramaic name Nahara, meaning ‘light’, sounds endearing, exotic, and favorable, all at the same time. We feel that Nahara has an absolute confidence and strength in its simplicity.

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