70 popular nicknames that match to unique baby names

Popular nicknames, like Ellie and Jack, area unit typically far more common than quality lists indicate. They’re given on their own and used as short forms for a large vary of baby names that are standard, from Eleanor, Elizabeth and Gabrielle to Jackson, John and dessert apple.

Or, perhaps approach it from the opposite direction and use a classy short type that you simply love or your partner loves or that is a name, however build it stand out from the six alternative Wills in preschool by pairing it with a particular long type.
Plus, generating distinctive names with standard nicknames provides youngsters a alternative. they’ll use either name at any time for any purpose, for some moments or forever. perhaps better of all, you get 2 terribly completely different names in one.

Here are some popular nicknames and uncommon full names that match to unique baby names :
Girls :

Abby—Abilene, Arabella, Lullaby

Addie—Adelia, Adelpha, Ariadne, Zenaida

Allie—Alaska, Allegra, Rosalie

Andi—Andromeda, Leandra

Annie—Anastasia, Anemone, Ianthe, Pandora

Ava—Lavender, Octavia

Bee—Brighton, Deborah

Belle—Jezebel, Mabel, Mirabel

Betty—Beatrice, Bernadette

Callie—Calliope, Callahan, Callista, Clarissa

Casey—Acacia, Cassiopeia

Cass—Cascade, Cassia, Cassiane

Cory—Corisande, Cordelia

Edie—Eden, Meredith

Ella—Auriella, Consuela, Stellaluna

Ellie—Eleri, Elspeth, Eulalie, Felicity

Elsie—Elsinore, Felicity

Emmy—Clementine, Emerald, Emmanuelle

Evie—Reverie, Yvaine

Hallie—Halliday, Mahala

Izzy—Isadora, Ismene

Jenny—Eugenie, Genesis, Imogen, Iphigenia

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