74 Exquisite Boy Names For Girls That Are Super Trendy

Cute Boy Names For Girls:

1. Ace:

Every parent, whether a girl’s or boy’s, deserves to have an ace up their sleeve. Ace, a Latin name, meaning ‘first’, is fitting enough for a princess.

2. Aidan:

This mega-popular Irish saint’s name is occasionally used for girls as well, in all its variations. Aidan means ‘little and fiery’.

3. Alex:

Several variations of Alexander are now being used for girls, but we particularly love the boyish charm of Alex. It’s powerful, edgy, yet super feminine. Emmy-winning actor, Alex Borstein, adds a cool factor to this name. Alex means ‘defender of mankind’.

4. Alfie:

Alfie is a variation of Old English name Alfred and means ‘elf counsel’. This supremely adorable name would go well for both boys and girls.

5. Amari:

Boys, whether you like it or not, you have to share this name with girls. This Hebrew name, meaning ‘eternal’, sounds absolutely perfect for your little bundle of joy.

6. Ashton:

Ashton Kutcher is the one who comes to mind when we hear this name. But lately, we’ve heard girls with the name Ashton, and it sounds fantastic on them too. The meaning of Ashton is ‘ash tree town’.

7. August:

August, meaning ‘majestic’, is traditionally associated with boys, but has been used for girls as well. In fact, in the recent times, August is used more for girls traditional versions Augustina and Augusta. August Anna Brooks, daughter of singer Garth Brooks, is a significant bearer of this name.

8. Austin:

The 151 Austins born in America in 2015 indicate that parents have begun using Austin for little girls as well. Austin means ‘venerable’.

9. Avery:

Avery is now more familiar as a female name than male, primarily due to the epidemic of ‘Ava’ baby names. Avery for females has experienced a major rise, moving up from number 802 in 1990 to 16th spot in 2015. The name Avery means ‘elf counsel’.

10. Barry:

Barry, meaning ‘spear’, has become outdated for boys and innovative for girls. The name is originally an anglicized form of Bearach, but is used as a short form of Finbarr as well.

11. Bellamy:

Whether you like “Scandal” or not, Bellamy could make a fun baby name for your little girl. This name has both Irish and English origins and means ‘fine friend’.

12. Billie:

This short form of William, meaning ‘resolute protector’, is a part of the trend of using male nicknames for girls. It was completely used for boys in 1880 but was given to 55 girls a decade later. Today, we’re seeing more and more girls named Billie than boys.

13. Blaine:

This one’s seriously perfect for a baby girl. Blaine is a Scottish surname and means ‘thin’.

14. Blake:

All thanks to Blake Lively for making this name acceptable and usable for girls. Even we love the way this name sounds on a girl. It’s sweet, yet strong, something every parent wishes for their daughter. The name Blake means ‘one with pale skin or hair’.

15. Bobbie:

Male name Bobbie came into being for girls in the 1970s, but before that, Bobbie was used as a nickname for boys. The spelling here though was a tad different. Bobbie means ‘famed or bright’.

16. Cade:

Cade, a four syllable name with strong roots, is a beautiful choice for a baby girl. But it’s viewed more as a variation of Cady than the original English surname. Cade means ‘round barrel’.

17. Cameron:

Of late, we’ve noticed a lot of parents naming their baby girls Cameron, all thanks to Cameron Diaz for paving the way. Its variant Camryn has same phonetics, but a more feminine spelling. The name Cameron means ‘crooked nose’.

18. Casey:

Casey may typically be a boy name, but we feel it has a feminine sound to it. The name is derived from Irish Gaelic word ‘cathasaigh’, which means ‘watchful or vigilant’.

19. Chandler:

We hadn’t heard Chandler for a girl until a few months ago. And since then, we are finding hard to imagine a boy with this name. The name Chandler means ‘candle seller’.

20. Chase:

Even if you are not that great at running, Chase is a name that is sure to bring home the gold. The name is derived from the French word ‘chacier’, which means to chase. Chase is also used as a surname in some English families.

21. Claude:

There’s a general conception that Claude is a male name, and Claudia is its female counterpart. But this ancient clan name is used for both boys and girls in France. Claude means ‘lame’.

22. Cory:

What was once a name strictly for boys is becoming a much-loved girl name today. If you want to make this name a bit more feminine for your little girl, spell it Cori instead of Cory. The name Cory means ‘chosen or horn’.

23. Curtis:

Curtis Sittenfeld, the bestselling Prep author, transferred this boy’s name to the girl’s territory. This moniker, with its lovely meaning and clean sound, is sure to survive all the trends that come and go. Curtis means ‘courteous’.

24. Daryl:

The name started making waves for girls ever since Daryl Hanna appeared as a gorgeous mermaid in “Splash”. This edgy and cool moniker means ‘open’.

25. Douglas:

Douglas, meaning ‘black water’, is now used mostly for guys, but at its incarnation, Douglas was used for both boys and girls. And we firmly feel it could make a comeback as a girl’s name.

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