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74 Exquisite Boy Names For Girls That Are Super Trendy

26. Drew:

Drew Barrymore did an excellent job at feminizing this name. And today, it sounds like Drew was made only for girls. It has the perfect amount of sugar and spice, and the tough vibe of Drew Barrymore. Drew originated as a short form for Andrew, but now stands strong on its own.

27. Dylan:

Despite being one of the top 20 names for boys, Dylan is gaining traction as a female name as well. And it sounds a lot more melodious when it crosses genders. Ralph Lauren was one of the first celebrities to popularize the name Dylan for a girl. This Welsh baby name means ‘son of the wave’ or ‘born near the sea’.

28. Elliot:

Here’s another name that turned towards the girl camp. The idea of using Elliot for girls was led by George Stephanopoulos and his wife, Ali Wentworth. It’s spelling Elliotte is the most used variant for girls. Eliot means ‘Jehovah is God’.

29. Flynn:

Just like other Irish surnames, Flannery and Quinn, there’s no reason why Flynn cannot be used for girls. We particularly love its casual and easy going charm. Flynn means ‘son of red-haired one’.

30. Frankie:

Frankie, one of the most adorable variations of Frances, initially began being used for boys, but it later became a catchy name for girls as well.

31. Gary:

Gary isn’t an androgynous name in the strictest sense, but has been used for girls over the years occasionally. And since it’s losing its glitter for boys, females can use it to their advantage. Gary means ‘spearman’.

32. Glenn:

There were just a handful of girls named Glenn until Glenn Close, the award-winning actress launched a trend of using this name for girls. This name is derived from Gaelic word ‘gleana’ and means ‘valley’.

33. Harlan:

This is one of our favorite boy names for girls. What makes it striking is the ‘n’ ending in a two syllable name. You can call your daughter Har for short. Harlan means ‘hare land or grey land’.

34. Harley:

Old English name Harley translates to the ‘meadow or harewood’, but it’s now associated mainly with the renowned motorcycle company, Harley-Davidson. Despite being a macho name, Harley is now beginning to be used for the little female rebels as well. Remember Joker’s assistance Harley Quinn from “Batman” series?

35. Hayden:

Hayden Panettiere, the renowned actress, cemented this name firmly for girls, and it’s now steadily showing itself off in the mainstream. Hayden means ‘heathen’.

36. Hendrix:

Baby name Hendrix is full of life. It’s derived from German word Haganrih, which means ‘ruler of an enclosure’. And it’s also the name of a badass guitarist. What else could you ask for?

37. Ira:

Hebrew name Ira, with tonal qualities similar to popular female names such as Keira and Tyra, would make an excellent option for gender switch. Warren Beatty and Annette Bening were the first ones to use this standard, Old Testament, male name for girls. It’s already being used as a short form for Irina. High time it made a hold as a given name for girls as well.

38. James:

Who would have ever thought that the name James could be used for boys? Thanks to Blake Lively for making it possible. And considering the authority of this power couple status, we’re sure there will be more girls with this stellar name in the future. The meaning of James is ‘supplanter’.

39. Jamie:

From actor and model Jamie Dornan to musician Jamie Foxx, there’s no dearth of celebs with this name. But Jamie is as popular for girls as it is for boys. Take Jamie Chung for instance. Jamie means ‘supplanter’.

40. Jessie:

A few decades ago, Jessie wasn’t used much for girls because it was a boy’s name. But the trend of using Jessie for boys began in Scotland where it was/is used as an Anglicized form of Teasagh.

41. Jordan:

Jordan was one of the leading unisex names of the 90s, but prior to that, it was given only to baby boys baptized in Holy water from the Jordan River. Jordan means ‘flowing down’.

42. Jude:

Baby name Jude, has a musical and poetic feel to it, along with an incredible song about it. So how can anyone not like this name? If you want, you can use Jude as a nickname for Judith. This name means ‘praise’.

43. Kendall:

Ever since Kendall Jenner has exploded on our television screens, this name has grown dramatically in favor of girls. This Celtic origin name means ‘from the bright valley’. And going by the success of Kendall Jenner, any girl with this name will have a glistening future.

44. Kyle:

It’s been proven in instances more than one that surnames make the best given names. Derived from Gaelic word ‘caol’, Kyle is a Scottish family name, which is now being used for both boys and girls as first names. It means ‘narrow’.

45. Kyle:

Kyle, meaning ‘narrow strait or channel’ was originally a surname used by thousands of parents every year for its combination of style, strength, and simplicity. But it is now used for girls, not extensively, yet significantly.

46. Lou:

This one’s for all the creative parents out there. Lou brings to mind a couple of crazy and creative people, such as Lou Reed. He fused music and poetry and Lou Doillon, the daughter of fashion icon and actor Jane Birkin and director Jacques Doillon. The name Lou means ‘famous warrior’.

47. Lyle:

Scottish name Lyle is one of those names that sounds cool on girls. It’s a straightforward, one syllable name, meaning ‘someone who lives on an island’.

48. Madison:

Classic name Madison is perfect for girls of any culture, region, or ethnicity. It lost its popularity amongst boys a long time ago, and has been rising the ranks for girls over the past few decades. Madison means ‘gift of God’.

49. Mason:

This super trendy name is beginning to cross over for girls now. It was used recently by Kelsey Grammer for her daughter. The name Mason means ‘stone worker’.

50. Maxwell:

Jessica Simpsons brought this name into the spotlight by naming her little girl, Maxwell. And honestly speaking, if it weren’t for her, nobody would have even thought that Maxwell could sound so amazing on girls. Maxwell means ‘great stream’.

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