76 Kickass Baby Names For Girls And Boys With Meanings

Kickass Baby Names For Boys:

1. Alcott:

The English origin name has a very old world ring to it and stands for ‘an old cottage’.

2. Atticus:

Common to the Roman culture, the name means ‘one from Attica’. Atticus Finch, a namesake, is the main character in the worldwide popular novel ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ by Harper Lee.

3. Calvin:

The name is very popular today, as one of the leading brands of international fashion. It originated in English culture and means bald. American fashion designer Calvin Klein founded the company by the same name, which is one of the leading names in designer clothes, watches, perfumes, jewelry, and more.

4. Caleb:

It originated in the Hebrew culture and means the one who is bold. American actor and musician Caleb Landry Jones shares the name.

5. Ezra:

The Hebrew origin name means the one who helps or is a helper. It is also a biblical name which appears in the Old Testament.

6. Tobias:

It was originally a Hebrew biblical name which was spelled as Toviyah. Tobias is the Greek version of this name and means the goodness of god. The name is also very popular in other cultures, such as in Germany, the Jewish culture, and in the United States.

7. Ulysses:

The name may mean the one who is full of wrath and is a hater, but it is one of the most recognized names in the world, especially in literary circles. Having a Greek origin, Ulysses was the main character in the epic Greek poem Odyssey by Homer.

8. Wesley:

Though the name comes from Old English surname, it is also used as a name. Meaning one who lives on an old meadow, the surname was sometimes bestowed in honor of John Wesley, who was a prominent name and also the founder of Methodism.

9. Thor:

Imagine your little Thor standing with a hammer of his own. According to mythology, Thorse was the Nordic god of thunder and the son of Odin. The day Thursday was named after Thor.

10. Edison:

It is a name that originated in the English culture and means the son of Edward.

11. Cas:

Cas is a Welsh name, meaning son of Seidi. The name is often used as a shorter version of Casper, which is a Persian name for imperial descent.

12. Griffith:

It comes from the original Welsh and stands for chief, fierce, and a warrior lord. It is also a popular Shakespearean name.

13. Alden:

Originating from Aldwine, in Old English, it is a mix of two words, ale (old) and wine (to refer a friend). The name Alden means one who is a loyal or an old friend.

14. Cassian:

It is originally a Roman family name which is derived from the Latin name Cassius, and it means one who is curly haired.

15. Zayn:

It is Arabic for grace and beauty. It is also another version of the name John, which means god is gracious.

16. Thorn:

While it is definitely not usual to be heard of as a name, Thorn is an English origin name which was used to refer to a town of thorns. It was also used as a surname.

17. Leif:

The name comes from the Scandinavia and was derived from the Old Nordic name Leifr, which means a descendant, heir, beloved one, or lucky.

18. Branigan:

It comes from an originally Irish surname and is also popularly used as a name. The name means a little raven.

19. Montgomery:

Here is a clasic English name that will add charm and affluence to your baby boy’s name. While the name has Norman origins, it is also widely used in various cultures such as English, Irish, and Scottish.

20. Torsten:

It is a Swedish name for stone of Thor, who is the god of thunder according to the Swedish Mythology.

21. Domino:

The name comes from the Latin name Dominus, which means the lord or the one who is in charge.

22. Weston:

While the name was originally used as a surname, it is also quite commonly used as a name. Originating from the English culture, it means a western town, or one who dwells there.

23. Artie:

The English name Artie was originally derived from the Roman name Artorius. Meaning full of courage and noble, Artie is a very popular character in the television series Glee.

24. Beck:

It is yet another English name which has German origins too. The name means a stream or a brook and is popular in various cultures such like England, Germany, and Denmark.

25. Denzel:

The beautiful name comes from the African American culture and means one who comes from the wild. Denzel Washington is a popular American actor as well as filmmaker.

26. Jagger:

The name has an interesting background to its origins. While it comes from an early medieval start, it is believed to have originated in Yorkshire.

27. Garrick:

The English origin name is a combination of two words that mean the spear and the ruler. It means the one who is fearless and a brave warrior.

28. Hale:

 It is an Anglo-Saxon name which is derived from the Old English word halh. It means one who lives in a nook or in a remote valley.

29. Hugh:

The name originated in the Germanic culture and was also very popular in the French nobility. It means the one who is of heart and mind.

30. Keaton:

The name comes from English and was also a popular surname,a nd stands for one who lives in a shed town.

31. Lars:

It is a variation of the Roman name Laurentius, which was derived from the word Laurentum, and means one who is crowned with laurel.

32. Gunner:

Coming from the Teutonic origin, the name means one who is a bold warrior.

33. Lennon:

The name was derived from the Irish surname O’ Leannain, which means lover in the Gaelic culture. It is used both as a name and a surname.

34. Diesel:

The word was used as a German surname which came as a nickname of Mathias.

35. Jett:

Jett is an English name for dark black. John Travolta gave his son this moniker.

36. Axel:

Axel is Hebrew for father of peace. Axel Foley is a fictional character in the movie series Beverley Hills Cop.

37. Wolfgang:

Definitely a kickass baby name, it is made of two Germanic words, which are wulf, which means wolf, and gang, which means path.

38. Morrison:

The name is another variation of the name Morris, which was originally derived from Maurice. It is a Scottish name and it means one who is the son of the servant of the Virgin Mary.

Kickass Girl Names:

39. Lennox:

It is a strong feminine name which comes from Gaelic. The name refers to the one who lives near a place where there are a lot of elm trees.

40. Eleanor:

This French name was introduced to the British culture during the 12th century AD, when King Henry II married Eleanor of Aquitaine. It means one who is full of light and is a torch bearer.

41. Rebel:

If you truly want a kickass baby name, how about naming your baby girl Rebel and being prepared for what may come when she hits the teens? The name is popular in a variety of cultures, such as English, American, Latin, and more.

42. Anouk:

It is originally a Hebrew name which is also very popular in Dutch and French cultures. The name is a variation of the name Anna.

43. Tabitha:

The name comes from Hebrew and stands for one who is full of grace and beauty. Tabitha Smith is a fictional comic book character in the Marvel Comics.

44. Clementine:

The beautiful and very exotic name originated in the Latin culture. It comes from Clemens, and means the one who is mild in manner and is full of mercy.

45. Saskia:

This very unusual name is thought to be of Dutch origin and is a variation of the name Saxia. It means a woman who is from Saxon. The name also appears in Slavic origins and means one who protects mankind.

46. Juno:

It is thought to be an Indo-European name which means youth. The name appears in the Roman mythology, and Juno, the wife of Jupiter, was also the queen of the heavens.

47. Greta:

The Swedish name has been made famous worldwide by the Swedish actress Greta Garbo. It means a pearl.

48. Bridget:

It comes from the Irish culture and was derived from the name Brighid. It means one who is full of strength, or the high one. As per mythology, Brighid was a Celtic goddess of poetry and fire.

49. Sydney:

The English name is also a variation of the names Sidney, Sidon, and Cydney. It means the wide island that is on the south of the water.

50. Tilda:

The name comes from the German culture and is also a shorter variation of the name Mathilda. It means one who has strength in the time of battle. Tilde Swinton is an Anglo-Scottish actress.

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