84 Popular Vowel Baby Names For Boys And Girls

Popular Girl Names That Start With Vowel:

1. Abigail:

Abigail is a soft and dreamy vowel name with a varied history.

2. Ashley:

This graceful and old-fashioned name has been made famous by actress Ashley Olsen.

3. Elizabeth:

This classic name has zoomed past favorites like Hannah and Sarah to reach the top ten.

4. Alexis:

Alexis makes a gentle and soft baby name for both a girl and boy.

5. Ayn:

This short and tart name has strong associations with Ayn Rand, the “Atlas Shrugged” author.

6. Ella:

Ella Fitzgerald brought this name into the mainstream. Just like her voice, her name will also not go out of style.

7. Eva:

The name Eva made a huge comeback in the last few years and is rising with every passing year.

8. Aveen:

The name Aveen carries the glitz and glamor of a rock star.

9. Emmy:

Emmy is quirkier than Emily, just like the beautiful actress Emmy Rossum.

10. Amelia:

Timeless, elegant and literary, Amelia is a classic and graceful name.

Baby Girl Names Ending With A Vowel:

1. Emma:

Sweet and sophisticated name Emma brings to mind a teenager in a poodle skirt, eating ice cream.

2. Olivia:

Olivia is a timeless name that transcends into trendiness. In fact, it remained one of the top baby girl names over the centuries.

3. Maeve:

Maeve is an Irish name inspired by the legendary Celtic queen. The name got its literary spin from the author Maeve Binchy.

4. Isabella:

From actresses to philanthropists, the name Isabella indicates someone who is serious, wise and dependable.

5. Alyssa:

The name Alyssa has been associated with innocence and sweetness ever since it appeared in the mainstream.

6. Amanda:

Amanda is sleek, pithy and clear as a bell.

7. Alexandra:

Alexandra is the feminine variation of Alexander. It has an old-time charm to it.

8. Belle:

Belle is a straightforward and classic name ringing with feminine grace.

9. Jane:

Jane is a conventional, safe and average baby girl name.

10. Anna:

The name reminds one of the Disney character.

11. Ava:

Ava is a delicate and lovely name conjuring the image of a little girl in a floral dress.

12. Anita:

This feminine name has taken off in popularity in India.

13. Annette:

The name may not have much flavor on its own, but will make an absolutely fine middle name.

14. Elle:

We removed the last letter from Ellen to give you an alluring and vivacious name. And it’s the title of the magazine too!

15. Kai:

Kai is a very well-traveled name. It started off in Greek, and is now familiar with Hawaiian, Scandinavian, and Welsh parents.

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