9 Strange Baby Names Millennials Love

There’s such a thing as brainstorming baby names and coming up with something that is way too out there. Of course, when millennials start families, they want baby names that haven’t been chosen a million times. If someone told them that the name that they picked out was weird, they would probably see it as a compliment. That’s exactly what millennial moms and dads are going for.

Trends fluctuate, so maybe these baby names won’t be all that beloved in just a few years. But for now, millennials are choosing certain names for their babies that others might hear and wonder why they were chosen.

Here are 9 strange baby names that millennials love.

9 : LUX

Name your baby boy illumination unit and you’ll be following within the footsteps of another fashionable appellation that period moms and dads are selecting.

Time.com says that this name is “after the Instagram filter” and if that’s not super period, well, what is? you would possibly be feeling a touch torn concerning the name illumination unit. On the one hand, it will sound pretty cool. It’s not the worst name. On the opposite hand, though, it’s… a bit much. It seems like “luxury” (now that will be a very strange name…).


When you admit honey, you instantly think about sweet desserts. You image adding honey to tea once you have a pharyngitis and you’re home sick, you would like to drizzle honey on a chunk of toast (maybe with some paste on prime…), and you simply usually feel happy.

Do you wish to call your female child Honey? It’s truly a reputation, even supposing it will belong within the food class in addition. Fox News mentions Honey as a baby name that millennials could be into.


Parents of teenaged boys (or anyone WHO is aware of a boy in this age range) are terribly aware of the sport Fortnite. It’s undoubtedly become a giant obsession.

Au.lifestyle.yahoo.com says that knave may be a baby name that millennials are going with, and it’s as a result of Fortnite. whereas which may be shocking initially since it’s a touch strange to choose a reputation from a game (and it’s a really totally different quite name), this is often however trends go. generally one thing is therefore in style that everybody gets swept up in it. period moms and dads WHO wish distinctive names won’t get it wrong with knave, though.


Rainbows are happy and colourful, and if you’ve ever seen one before, you can’t believe however gorgeous and special it’s. however naming your female child Rainbow? Well, you would possibly not be therefore certain concerning doing that.

Travel and Leisure says that Rainbow may be a baby name that’s being picked by millennials. consistent with Nameberry, it’s a “hippie name.”


Bunny is another strange baby name that millennials love. It’s a touch weird to admit naming your kid Bunny. Their stuffed animal? certain. likelihood is that, several folks had stuffed rabbits growing up that we have a tendency to virtually named Bunny.

Travel and Leisure says Bunny may be a period baby name as a result of Fortnite. consistent with Baby Center, it absolutely was #1,807 in 2019… therefore even supposing millennials may love this baby name, it’s not the foremost in style one out there. perhaps that’s why individuals are choosing it, though. The final thing that you simply wish is to decide on such a typical name.

4: IVY

According to Mamamia.com, McCrindle (who verify in style baby names) says that “plants” and “nature” are the manner that period moms and dads are choosing baby names in 2019 in Australia. one among those names is English ivy. because the web site says, “The report predicts, for instance, that bush, Olive, English ivy and Willow are set to surge in quality within the next year.”

Ivy may be a attractive name… however it’s robust to not admit that, okay, it’s a touch strange. It simply had to get on this list of the strangest baby names that millennials are smitten.

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