9 Wonderful Baby Boy Names That Mean Prince

Baby Boy Names Meaning Prince:

1. Amir:

Amir is a famous Arabic name, meaning prince. It is the title of an elevated official like caliphs. The name derives from the Arabic world emir, which means to rule or command.

2. Adar:

Adar is a striking Syrian name, meaning prince. The pronunciation of Adar is Aa-Daa-R.

3. Kumar:

Kumar is an exotic name popular in India. But the name gained a global prominence via the film “Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle”. Kumar is a modern transcription of Kumara. It means boy, prince.

4. Royce:

Royce sounds more like a blend of Roy and Reece, but with an entirely different meaning. It is a relatively popular name for boys. This given name comes from a medieval name Royse, a variant of Rose.

5. Shahzad:

Shahzad is a traditional Muslim given name and first name. The name derives from two elements ‘Shah’, which means powerful and ‘Zad’, which means son or man.

6. Prince:

The name needs no description. Earlier, royal names like Prince and King were just for the monarchy, but now commoners also use these names for their sons.

7. Garibaldo:

This is one of the unique baby boy names meaning prince. Garibaldo has its origin in the Germanic language. The name comes from the Germanic name ‘Garipald’.

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