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99 Badass Names For Baby Boys And Girls

Anytime we have a tendency to hear badass names we continuously look out for AN discouraging, inflexible and hard fellow. Most of the badass names area unit chosen for boys as a result of boys area unit naturally a lot of naughty than ladies.

Giving your infant a badass name doesn’t imply that he can grow into AN evil child. Badass names typically counsel the type of fellows that rides a bike and sings in a very band, they will chop a twine of wood however would ne’er wear a suit and tie.

If you’re searching for badass names that may be nice for your baby boy or lady, look no more, we’ve got you lined. during this article, we’ve place along an extended list of badass names and their meanings.

If you wish badass baby names otherwise you need to decide on a badass name for your newborn infant, strive checking the list below; you’ll notice superb choices. Happy reading!

Badass Names For Baby Boys:

1. Axel: meaning father of peace

2. Ace: meaning Unity

3. Alex: meaning defender of men

4. Andre: meaning manly; brave.

5. Apollo: meaning Uncle of Tristan

6. Archer:  meaning a bowman

7. Blade: meaning wealthy Glory

8. Blair: meaning child of the fields

9. Blake: meaning dark-haired

10. Bruno: meaning brown-haired

11. Carlos: meaning strong

12. Casper: meaning friendly; child-like; helpful

13. Chase: meaning huntsman

14. Campbell: meaning from the beautiful field

15. Conor: meaning strong-willed; wise

16. Dallas: meaning dwells by the waterfall

17. Declan: name of an Irish Saint meaning man of prayer; full of goodness.

18. Dempsey: meaning proud

19. Dominic: meaning belonging to the Lord

20. Dustin: meaning a fighter

21. Dagger: A sharp and scary choice that some parents may feel arm their child for battle in a cruel modern world.

22. Easton: usually a surname, meaning someone from East town.

23. Emerson: meaning brave; powerful

24. Edmund: meaning wealthy defender

25. Evan: meaning young fighter

Amazing Badass Names For Boys:

26. Elliot: Variant of Elijah meaning My God is Jehova

27. Flash: Comic book name and word. Flash might just appeal to modern parents. When you think of Flash remember Flash Gordon who has made the name a superhero name.

28. Fox: An animal name. Fox is simple, sleek, and a little bit wild, and could make an interesting middle name.

29. Fletcher: meaning maker of arrows

30. Flynn: meaning the son of the Ruddy man.

31. Gunner: meaning battle strong

32. Jagger: A name that sounds like a swaggering rolling stone which has been picked by many celebrities. It’s meaning is Carter.

32. Hunter:  An English and Scottish last name for hunters and bird catchers. It’s used as both a boys’ and girls’ name but is more popular for boys.

33. Hector: meaning steadfast

34. Hercules: Myth name meaning son of Zeus

35. Hugo: meaning intelligent

36. Jace: meaning the healer

37. Justice: meaning Just; Upright; Righteous

38. Jasper: Variant of Casper meaning Keeper of the treasure

39. Jesse: meaning wealthy

40. Kip: meaning from the pointed hill

41. Luiz: meaning famous fighter

42. Leo: meaning lion

43. Logan: meaning from the hollow

44. Lincoln: meaning someone from the lakeside colony

45. Lucius: meaning a Roman Emperor

46. Maddox: meaning son of Madoc

47. Marcus: meaning Hammer

48. Marvin: meaning lives by the sea

49. Malik: meaning Master; Angel; King

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50. Neo: meaning new

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