99 Latest Baby Girl Names With Meanings

99 Latest Names For Baby Girls With Meanings:

1. Aarzoo:

It means a wish; your daughter could mean a wish that has been granted.

2. Aahna:

It means existence and reminds the parents that this little princess gave them a meaningful reason to live, survive and work.

3. Amulya:

It means priceless or precious. You could name your daughter so as she means the world to you and nothing could measure or pay up for the joy she brings to you.

4. Anandi:

Full of joy, life and vibrant. This name would lend a sense of happiness and excitement into the name your daughter has and will give the person pronouncing it a sense of fulfilment as well.

5. Aaliyan:

It is a Hebrew word which means above all. Your little girl means the most to you and above all things else. This name could also mean your daughter is above everything else or a born leader.

6. Bhuwana:

The word means “being”. It could be used to name your daughter to denote as the reason for your existence and very being.

7. Brianna:

Though the word has Irish origins, it stands to show two important habits of honor and virtue in a girl.

8. Caroline:

The word is little old and sounds much like a character of a book, it actually means little and strong. You little princess may be little, but she will be a strong woman one day.

9. Chhavi:

The Hindi word means reflection and could denote that your daughter is a reflection of both you and your better half.

10. Charvi:

As beautiful as your little princess, this word means beautiful in Hindi, beauty both on the inside and out.

11. Chloe:

Though the name sounds English or Christian for most people in the country, this word of Greek origin means blooming.

12. Chahat:

This means love in Hindi or a longing. Naming your daughter Chahat could mean that she is your love or means the world to you as she expresses to you all that love is about.

13. Charu:

This means beautiful and sweet in nature as well. It is a traditional name, easy to pronounce and spell.

14. Chandana:

Sandalwood or Chandan in Hindi, meaning something that gives nice smell, unaffected by the poison outside.

15. Claire:

The word with Latin origins literally means clear and bright. Your little princess could wear the name with pride as one with a clear head and heart and a bright mind.

16. Dyanadaa:

Sanskrit word which means education or someone who gives education. While the name is unique, people could find it difficult to spell and pronounce.

17. Dhwani:

Sanskrit in origin, the word means music or a stream of nice music. Your little princess’s name would mean that she is the music that lights up your heart.

18. Deepali:

The Hindi word means light and your daughter is indeed the little bundle of joy and source of light in your life and you could name her Deepali to show how she lights up your life.

19. Divya:

It means heaven or heavenly. Your daughter will open be the person of joy, success and happiness for you and as parents you would be so proud. Divya is however a very common name in the Hindu household and all across India.

20. Danielle:

As different as the word is, it is Hebrew in origin and means only god can judge me or God is my judge. Your daughter can only be judged by god and no one else should do that. You could bless your daughter with the name to introduce in her a confidence that is the best and only the supreme lord has the power to judge her.

21. Ekaja:

It means only child which could reflect your dedication and devotion to raise your little girl with the best if she is the only child you plan and will have.

22. Ekanshi:

This is a rather unique word and a name that is hardly donned by many parents for their daughter. It means “of one part” which means she is your part forever and will be, no matter what prevails or intervenes.

23. Ekta:

It means unity and she could mean how she has brought you people together as one and will bring other closer.

24. Ella:

This is an English name which means a beautiful fairy woman. Naming your daughter Ella would add beauty to her name.

25. Falguni:

It’s a name which defines beauty.

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