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99 Sweet And Short Names For Boys With Meanings

99 Short Boy Names:

1. Aaron:

In the Bible, Aaron was the name of the elder brother of Moses. It’s an attractive and timeless pick, meaning ‘elevated’.

2. Abe:

This name sounds super cute and way more contemporary than Abraham. It is tied with former US president Abraham Abe Lincoln. The meaning of Abe is ‘father of multitudes’.

3. Abel:

Another short and cute Biblical name, Abel was Adam and Eve’s son, who was killed by his own brother in a fit of jealousy. The meaning of Abel is ‘son of breath’.

4. Acer:

Forget Ace. In this technology driven world, the time is ripe for Acer, a world-renowned computer brand. You can use Ace as a nickname.

5. Adam:

Adam is derived from the Hebrew word ‘adama’, and means ‘birth’. But the generic meaning of Adam is ‘man’. A safe and timeless option.

6. Aiden:

Aiden has been one of the most popular short baby boy names for over a decade. This moniker has spawned several variations. In fact, it has also outdone Aidan, its traditional Irish spelling.

7. Alex:

If you want something strong and happening, pick Alex for your son. It is a short form of Alexander and means ‘man warrior’.

8. Alfie:

Alfie, the short form of Alfred, could make a potential given name for your son. Meaning ‘sage’ or ‘wise’, Alfie is a great pick for parents looking for a mystical twist.

9. Avis:

Avis isn’t just a spell in the Harry Potter books, but is a proper Latin name, meaning ‘bird’. This name was hugely popular in the middle ages when the Normans got it to England. Avis means ‘desired’.

10. Axel:

Axel is unique plus badass. You don’t get to hear this name too often, and that’s what draws parents towards it. This name means ‘father of peace’.

11. Basil:

A royal name for your little prince. Saint Basil the Great was a 4th century bishop and one of the fathers of the early Christian church. This Greek name means ‘kingly’.

12. Beck:

This name has never been listed in the top 1000 category. So we feel it will make a unique pick for your son.

13. Ben:

The trend of using shortened version of names began in the 80s and has become commonplace now. Ben is the shortened version of Benjamin and means ‘son of’.

14. Bern:

Bern is a perfect example of a name you can never get tired of, no matter how many times you hear it. This German name means ‘bear’.

15. Blair:

Translating to ‘field’ in Scottish, this moniker conjures images of green fields filled with wildflower. Blair is rarely used now. So seize it before it becomes too familiar.

16. Blake:

This name originated as a nickname for someone who was very dark or light in complexion. It is robust, yet sweet, everything that a mother wishes in a name for her son.

17. Blane:

This Irish and Scottish name is imbued with an air of effortless charm. In high school classic movie Pretty in Pink, Blane was an affluent playboy.

18. Bodhi:

This ultra-rare name is beginning to rise, thanks to the stars who have opted for it. This moniker is taken from a Sanskrit word, meaning ‘enlightenment’.

19. Brice:

If you want a bouncing name for your son, Brice could be the one for you. But there’s a catch. Since it’s just a letter away from turning into Bruce, your child may face some typos all his life.

20. Carl:

There are two possible origins of this name. It’s either taken from English name Charles, which means ‘free man’ or derived from Scandinavian or German name Karl.

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