99 Ugly Baby Names You’d Want To Avoid

How to choose baby boy names, baby girl names and unique baby names :

Naming your baby boy or baby girl is a decision with which he will be stuck with for the rest of his life. You may want to honour your family tradition, give a meaningful name for some particular traits or just have a name that sounds good and is easy to pronounce. Whatever be your taste or special considerations for choosing a name for your little one, think about some factors before coming at a decision.

First thing to decide is whether you want a name that stands out in a crowd or one which is familiar in your socio-cultural environment. Both these aspects have their pros and cons. A popular baby name will allow your child to feel fitting in your society while a less common name will make his a statement about his personality. It is up to you to decide about how you want your child to associate with other people. You might want to consider naming your child according to the names of his siblings. It would not be advisable to name your child such that he is not able to connect with his brother(s) or sister(s).

15 Essentials for Finding and Choosing Names:

Coming up next are a couple of recommendations to help settle on the choice somewhat simpler on you and your whole family to choosing a perfect baby boy names, baby girl names and unique baby names..

State the Names Out Loud :

Regularly we think we like something, yet then once we state it so anyone can hear, we understand it simply isn’t what we are searching for. This likewise works in the contrary way: you figure you don’t care for a name until you state it so anyone can hear, and afterward acknowledge it was actually what you were searching for. Consider calling noisily for your youngsters on the play area or to roll in from playing outside for supper. In the event that you recoil while doing this, that name most likely isn’t what you were searching for. You have to ensure you state the entirety of your youngsters’ names together to check whether they stream well. They shouldn’t be excessively comparable or definitely divergent. Rather, discover names that are amicable without being singsongy.

Stay away from Negative Namesakes :

While picking a name, avoid names that help you to remember individuals you couldn’t care less for or that help you to remember an ex-love. These names can just aim you issues later on. You would prefer not to perpetually take a gander at your child and think about that one Hunter from grade school who singled out you!

State All Names Together :

State the name with the center name, however with simply the last name. We don’t generally utilize our kids’ center names, yet consistently utilize the last name, and in the event that they don’t sound right together or come out easily together, you have to continue looking.

Test Nicknames :

Can your youngster’s name hold up to the play area test? Are there ways that children can transform the name into something dreadful that would smash your youngster’s confidence and conceivably brand him forever? Keep in mind, children can be remorseless, particularly kin. Likewise ensure that your youngsters won’t have similar nicknames. This can occur if the names are excessively comparable or in the event that you utilize a ladylike type of a manly name for a young lady and the manly name itself for a kid.

Make It Meaningful :

Your youngster’s name ought to be something that causes you to feel great. It ought to reflect characteristics that you trust your kid will some time or another have. Be certain that each kid’s name is significant, not only one. For example, little Calvin may get angry on the off chance that he discovers his name signifies “uncovered one” while his sibling Aden’s name signifies “attractive.”

Remember Spelling and PronunciationsNames that are hard to spell and articulate will be incorrectly spelled and misspoke all through the youngster’s whole life. Additionally, remember that utilizing extensive first names, center names, and last names all together can be exceptionally hard for a small kid to figure out how to spell and state. A model would be Zachariah Emmanuel Klingele. The poor kid would need to adapt nearly the whole letter set to spell his name.

Be Creative :

Take a stab at spelling names of things in reverse; numerous remarkable names can be found by doing this. For example, if your name is Nora, maybe Aron is the ideal name for your son. Likewise mess with dropping letters from set up names to make new and one of a kind names that you possibly hadn’t thought of. For example, Christopher can become Christoph, and Carlisle can become Lisle.

Utilize Maiden Names :

A well known method of making a baby name is by utilizing the mother’s birth name or the original last name of relatives. Sullivan and Carter are genuine models. This is extremely famous for center names also.

Consolidate the Parents’ Names :

Another well known method of concocting a baby name is by consolidating portions of the mother’s and father’s names. Brett and Everly may become Everett, or Samuel and Emma may be Emmanuel. This is accomplished for both the first and center names. In any case, on the off chance that you do this, ensure you can likewise make a joined name for another kid. Try not to play top choices with names; it can influence the confidence of and connection between kin.

Evaluate Different Spellings :

You may like a name, however not enjoy the spelling, thinking it is maybe excessively dull or excessively normal. In being imaginative, anything goes. Sebastian may be Sebastyan; Isaiah may be Izaia; Aiden can become Aydon. Be that as it may, remember that a youngster who has an irregular spelling will probably need to address others again and again during his life.

Investigate Genealogy :

Another great method to discover names is by investigating your family’s parentage. Do a family tree on both the baby’s mom’s side of the family and the baby’s dad’s side, returning as far as could reasonably be expected. You may require some assistance from relatives with this. Make certain to get the primary, center, and last names of everybody. At that point experience these and search for names that stand apart to you as something you might want to utilize. Nonetheless, while doing this, remember a few people are viewed as the odd one out of the family. On the off chance that you choose a name, make certain to get some foundation data on this individual. You wouldn’t have any desire to name your baby something that helps your mom to remember the individual she most disdains. This not just gives you some various names to browse, be that as it may, on the off chance that you keep it, would be a decent present for your kids to have later. Children love to find out about their progenitors. Once more, consider picking a name from your family tree for every kid, not only one.

Request Suggestions :

Converse with associates, neighbors, family members, and companions. You don’t need to utilize their sentiments, yet you will get a huge amount of proposals. Likewise get some information about individuals who have as of late had babies and what those individuals named their youngsters. This won’t just give you name thoughts, however will likewise disclose to you the names that are being utilized the regularly.

Scour the Media :

Think about names from books, TV programs, motion pictures, and famous people. This can be a great deal of fun, on the off chance that you let it.

Think about the Classics :

When in doubt of thumb, if your last name is bizarre, it’s a smart thought to pick a progressively customary first name. What’s more, on the off chance that you have a typical last name, pick a progressively unmistakable first name. George Rothberry and Boomer Miller are a few models.

Look to Old-Fashioned Names :

These names are making a rebound. They can be acceptable decisions since they can be both particular and normal. Names, for example, Walter and Clarence are both effortlessly articulated and spelled, however are not all that regular that there would be a few in a similar study hall.

Ugly And Annoying Girl Names You Can Avoid:

1. Nevaeh:

The only thing we can say about naming your child Nevaeh (the opposite of Heaven) is that it is kinder than calling her Hell. Nevaeh is not creative at all.

2. Olga:

Yes, you read it right! Olga is actually a name and means beautiful in Russian. Don’t you think Olga sounds too much like an old guy or something?

3. Helga:

Just listen to the way it sounds. It really hurts our throat while saying this name. Helga was the name of the main lead of the Nickelodeon show “Hey Arnold”.

4. Peggy:

As a moniker, Peggy lacks feminity and grace. It makes us think of a waitress in a restaurant or someone with two peg legs.

5. Prudence:

We don’t really have anything against this name, but just that it would suit an ancient aunt than a baby.

6. Veraminta:

This name sounds like ‘where are my mints”. Hilarious, isn’t it?

7. Zuma:

Yes, we know that Zuma is a name of a beach in Malibu, but is also a computer game. One of the worst ugly names for girls, it’s an acronym for an adverse gastrointestinal condition.

8. Moxie Crimefighter:

Job descriptions have never worked and will never work as proper names. And what are the odds that the kid will grow into a crime fighter? Slim, right? Wondering who gave this ugly name to her child? It’s none other than Penn Jillette.

9. Tu Morrow:

This name probably came up during the high pre-conception conversation. The only tragedy is that Rob Morrow could not find a better one.

10. Time:

Good lord! We pray for the poor child whose name is Time. And if someone can name their child Time, they can call them Clock as well.

11. Surtiyem:

Surtiyem or sodium? We have never heard a name this crazy before. It just sounds that the parents who named the child were low-headed, dumb and stupid.

12. Fifi Trixiebell:

As much as we can recall, Paris Hilton used this name for her little dogs, And Paula Yates and Bob Geldof used it for their daughter. Now these are truest fans of Paris Hilton.

13. Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily:

It’s Paula Yates again, and this time she chose a worse name for her daughter. She has some strange baby name madness.

14. Anous:

This name is nasty IYKWIM. I can never take this name seriously in my entire life. Nobody would, I think.

15. Boomquifa:

A parent who names her child Boomquifa should be sent to jail and we, are not kidding. The name is ridiculous. And how is it even pronounced? Not to mention all the horrible teasing that would come with it.

16. Irelynn:

Irelynn is a downright stupid and lazy name. People must have picked it as a variation to Ireland.

17. Sue:

Sue will make an excellent name for a cat or dog, but not a girl. And sue is another term for prosecute. So without giving a second thought, pick some other name for your child. And it was also on the ugly baby name list on Twitter.

18. Le-a:

Le- dash-A? What kind of name of is it? Or is it an acronym? And it would probably lead to a lot of bullying too! What’s more surprising is that it is pronounced as Ledasha, which means the dash is not silent.

19. Bob:

We don’t mean to exaggerate, but it’s no less than child abuse to name your kid Bob. Bob is usually considered a short form for Roberta.

20. Bertha:

We just have one thing to say about this moniker. Bertha is an outdated name and shows no chance of resurgence. We don’t mean to say all old-timey names are bad, but this one is not even heard now. And it sounds nanny types too!

21. Schartzmugel:

This name is just a bunch of letters put together. It’s incredibly hard to pronounce and spell. In fact, it took me a couple of minutes to learn how to get a hand on it.

22. Facebook:

An Egyptian couple named their daughter Facebook to honor the role the social site had on the Egypt Revolution. Well, there were plenty of other ways to acknowledge their efforts too.

23. Hashtag:

Here’s another social media inspired name. And it sounds as ridiculous as Facebook.

24. Hellzel:

Combined names can never ever be a good idea. According to Hellzel’s, her mother liked the name Hazel and her father loved hells angels, so they came up with this mess.

25. Princess Tiaamii:

The little daughter of Katie Jordon Price will soon realize that she is no real princess. And even the extra vowels in her name would not be able to cushion the blow.

26. Grogda:

Grogda sounds like a green witch or a green toad. Certainly not the best name to bestow on your child.

27. Love-child Ermengarde:

The bearer of this name will be embarrassed as hell when she finds out the meaning of her name. Ermengarde is the name of the mother’s grandmother. We feel you girl!

28. I’munique:

Ok! Children are unique to their parents. But don’t you think the idea of naming the I’munique a bit over the top?

29. Kaizyle:

Kaizyle is not just weird as hell, but is also confusing to pronounce. The baby selector said that her mother liked Paisley, but she thought it was too normal. So she selected a name that rhymes with Paisley.

30. Orgasm:

Yes, that’s right! We’ve heard an abundance of terrible names as of now, but this one is by far the worst. And sadly, we are not kidding.

31. Yetzel:

Yetzel sounds so much as pretzel. So here’s one food-inspired name for you, but with a slight twist.

32. Ninel:

Do you know the history of this name? The name entered the mainstream during the Russian revolution and it is Lenin spelled backwards.

33. Abstinence:

There was a little girl named Abstinence. Her parents must be very strict, we must say.

34. Britney Shakira Beyonce:

No no no, these names are not of three different babies. It belongs to one single child. The parents of these children were the biggest fans of pop music. They even said that they would call her by the full name all the time.

35. Like:

No, we don’t ‘like’ this name. The name shows the extent of how much social media has affect the lives. The parents of this baby were so much obsessed with Facebook that they decided to call her Like, after the Like feature on Facebook.

36. I’adorher:

We know that every parent adore their babies, but this in no way means they will name her I’adorher, pronounced as “I adore her”.

37. Derfla:

The parents of the baby thought they were going to have a baby boy and decided to name him after their old Uncle Alfred. But they had a girl and had to come up with something. So they jumbled up the word and came with Derfla.

38. Eighmey:

Eighmey is supposedly the creative spelling for Amy. Seriously, why do people even come up with variations? It looks hideous.

39. Apple:

We still cannot get over Gwyneth Paltrow naming her baby Apple. The fact that the trend never caught on says enough of the name.

40. Matyson:

There’s also an instance of someone naming his or her child Matyson, instead of Madison. That’s just a bit too unique.

41. North West:

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West name their daughter North West. No joke!

42 Taira Rose:

This name is incredibly cheesy. It sounds less like a name and more as a pink shade, you know dusty rose, brick rose, similarly tiara rose.

43. Dusk:

We though Dawn was the silliest, considering that it is subjected to regional accents, but it is at least optimistic. Dawn, on the other hand, in strange and even depressing.

44. Camera:

Arthur Ashe could opt for some interesting name in this genre. Why did she go for the generic Camera? Nikon or Canon could also be considered.

45. Mars:

As far as we know, guys, not girls, are supposed to be from Mars. Then why did Erykah Badu chose it for her girl? We think it was a very dumb decision. And what’s with the middle name Merkaba?

46. Diva Thin Muffin:

As if the girls did not already have enough burden that lead to the eating disorders that Frank Zappa made called her daughter Diva Thin Muffin.

47. Moon Unit:

Frank Zappa has a history of bad naming habits. Or maybe he wants her daughter to excel in science. Just maybe!

48. Hero:

Myleene Klass named her daughter Hero. At least, she had the feminist sense not to name her child ‘Heroine’, which also has some undesirable connotations.

49. Sharkiesha:

A child named Sharkiesha should be living in an ocean, not on ground. It’s plain stupid!

50. Derpina:

This is what rage comics have done to the world. Some parents are actually naming their girls Derpina. The next name you might see is Derp or even Troll Face.

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