Baby Dry Scalp: Causes, Home Remedies And Treatment


A baby’s delicate and soft scalp can easily get irritated or dry, and thus, dry scalp in babies is pretty common. Although a dry scalp looks similar to cradle cap, it is slightly different, and cradle cap is often the underlying cause for a dry scalp with white flakes. Dry scalp in babies can be treated with some home-care tips, whereas severe cradle cap may require medical attention. So, how do you know if it is a dry scalp or cradle cap? And how do you manage it in babies?

Read this post as we give you the answers to these questions and tell you some effective home remedies to prevent dry scalp in babies.

Difference Between Dry Scalp And Cradle Cap

Dry scalp is often confused with cradle cap as both have similar symptoms and a common root cause — dry skin. However, both of these are different conditions and need different treatments. Have a look at the table below to understand the difference between dry scalp and cradle cap.

Dry ScalpCradle Cap (seborrheic dermatitis)
Dry, flaky skin on the scalpStarts with flaky skin and turns into rough, crusty bumps
Skin on the scalp appears reddish or yellowish and feels scaly to touchSkin feels rough and crusty and small bumps protrude from the skin
Skin feels dry to touchSkin feels oily to touch
May cause itchingUsually not painful or itchy
Not hereditaryCould be hereditary (1)

Symptoms Of Dry Scalp In Babies

One of the most prominent signs of dry scalp is white flakes on the head. Other signs include

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