Baby Not Gaining Weight: Reasons And How To Help Them Gain

Healthy newborns lose approximately five to ten percent of their birth weight a week after birth (1). However, most of them regain this weight within two weeks and triple it by 12 months (2). These weight changes are general indicators that the baby is growing fine, and their calorie consumption is optimum.

However, not every baby grows as expected. The growth rate among babies varies, and so does their weight gain pattern. If your baby is not gaining weight as expected, do not fret. There can be several benign reasons for slow weight gain in babies. A pediatrician can help you identify the precise cause and take the necessary steps to avert any long-term adverse effects.
This post takes you through the possible causes of a baby not gaining weight, notable signs and symptoms the baby is not gaining weight, and treatment to follow.

Reasons For A Baby Not Gaining Weight

A baby may be gaining weight slowly or not gaining weight at all. In both cases, several factors can be responsible (3). The following are some of the notable potential reasons.

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